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Two Months Later

Submitted by kmin25 on dim, 07/28/2013 - 07:54

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It is finally two months since I started to learn Esperanto. I use Libera Esperanto Libro and Lernu in the beginning. I read them everyday. Then, I found some pdfs in English and Spanish about Esperanto. So far, it is going well. I have been exchanging messages on Lernu and talking in Esperanto after one week of learning and three weeks of learning, respectively. I enjoy reading articles very much, such as articles from El Popola Cxinio. Apart from that, I also enjoy chatting with Esperantists (Esperanto speakers) in Skype.

Saluton, Esperantujo!

Submitted by jahnke on lun, 07/15/2013 - 18:02

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Lastatempe mi rekomencis lerni Esperanton. Mi skribas tiu teksto por percepti kiom da lingvo mi konas kaj difini kion mi devas plu lerni. Ankaŭ mi volas registri filmon de mi parolanta tiu teksto, post korektinta, por mi malkovri se mia prononco estas klara.

help help help

Submitted by Avis_V on mar, 02/26/2013 - 11:32

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hi learners! I've to ask you for something
I'm writing my graduation thesis on the project tandem (when two people help each other in learning their different languages like we do here on skype).
My teacher asked me to give here some examples of conversations in which english is used to say something we don't know in the language we are practicing (if for example we are spanish and we don't know how to translate 'perro' in italian we use the english word 'dog' in the discourse to solve the comunication problem).

How to get rid of static cling on clothes

Submitted by rachelekoo on mar, 12/11/2012 - 00:30

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You might not know just how to get rid of static on outfits, but you know that you want to. It can be quite bothersome when you are making an attempt to get all set or walk into work and your outfits are clinging on for expensive lifestyle. Static stays stationary due to the fact it has nowhere to go. If you contact a person with static develop up then you will get a shock. Static is always being produced by our bodies since we are not good conductors of electric power, but we can hold on to it effectively. When we transfer it to another item or another person then we can eventually get rid of it. So when an individual rolls about on a wool blanket and then grabs you that shock you feel is from the static they built up. That becoming stated fast area static is discharged this way but it does not avert future static from coming our way.

Static can be hard to offer with when your skirt is riding up, or your hair sticks straight up when you pull off your sweater. There are methods to fight it so subsequent time this transpires you can be ready. So how do you get rid of static on outfits? The first thing you may think about is escalating the humidity in your house. You can achieve this by getting a humidifier for your property. When the air is damper it is a lot less probably to perform electrical power and issues in your residence which includes your garments will not be capable to keep a static cost. You do not have to get a humidifier to get rid of the static in your apparel but it undoubtedly does aid. Another way that you can get rid of static electrical energy in your clothes is by rubbing a dryer sheet on your clothing to defuse any static that may possibly be there. You can throw your clothing into the dryer with a dryer sheet to get rid of static as properly. Just tumble them on low in purchase to eliminate the static and then when you set them on they will be hot.

Individuals are a number of approaches to get rid of static in a pinch. Yet another fantastic way to get rid of static cling is with static guard spray. The spray is complete of good and unfavorable molecules which stop the buildup of static in the garments. It will also totally free the static that is at the moment invading your outfits. This is since the spray is a very good conductor of electrical power and it combats the static that is at the moment there. It is only created of h2o and alcohol, but the drinking water has been stripped of all salt and minerals. You can get static removing spray at most retail stores for cheap. There are vacation sized that can go with you anyplace so you can often rid your self of static. Now you know how to get rid of static on clothing so hopefully you will no longer have to deal with it.

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Submitted by Boris99 on ven, 08/03/2012 - 15:21

Language - (hold down the CTRL key to select more than one): name is Boris and i live in Uzbekistan.i am 25 y.o. and i want to learn spanish,i am beginner in if you  want to learn russian,i can help you.i need someone who could practise it almost everyday(not just 1-2 times in week)i think it’s thebest way to learn a new launguage.if you are ready jist contact to me,my skype is    bars5311

order of wording

Submitted by mhalps on jeu, 11/24/2011 - 12:33

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Hey! Thanks for editing my french! I appreciate it a lot. I am working on a composition now and I am trying to say that I have brown eyes and brown hair. Would I write cheveux et yeux brune? or brune cheveux et yeux? Thank you!



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