Non, je ne regrette rien

Ce n'est pas vrais.  Je regrette quel que chose.  

1. I regret not learning French at an earlier age.  Although my Belgian mother never spoke French to us, I can't regret that for her.

2. I regret not making a greater effort to learn French in high school.

3. I regret not memorizing the article with the noun.

Mais, il n'y a rien je peux faire maintenant, except keep working at it.  Of course, ask anyone studying a language, what is the toughest part and you will inevitably here....speaking.  We can write (Google translator?), we certainly can read but once you open your mouth every word you ever knew flies out of your memory.  Tant pis.  Au fur et a mesure, je deviendrai (had to look that one up).  

Dites-moi, qu'est-ce que vous utilises pour aprendre le francais? J'áime bien Learn French By Podcast et One Thing In A French Day.