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Exercise - Describe the image.

09/14/2009 - 17:22 | DavidCrecente

This picture was taken in Convadonga's Lakes, Asturias, Spain.

I think this is a beautiful picture with a set of elements in perfect harmony. Hills, lake, sky, grass.....

There are two hills of stone and under these a lake and a valley with green grass.

Near of the lake there are a few trees and, although you can not see in this photo, there were serveral cows even drinking water of this lake. By the way, the lake is called Enol.

The sky is completely sunny and blue without clouds.


   Thank you in advance.

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Short stories for practice English.

09/14/2009 - 13:23 | GuidoGranobles

Some time ago I decided that the best way to improve my English (at least writting), was writting short stories,  of course this is hard for some one like me who do not speak English like my mother tongue, however I try to do my best job writting the stories in Spanish and then translating it to English, so the next is a short story that I post here in oder to get your help with my grammar and improve every day from now on here on The Mixxer. Thanks in advanced for all people who take a few minutes of their time to read this post.

By Guido Javier Granobles Pizarro

He had never been there before until that day. It was the day when everything happened. He was there looking out of the window, everything was quiet; he could not hear the noise on the street, but just the silence in his room. He looked for   this   special room away from all that annoying noise. Beautiful silence, all that He needed, just peace, peace in his mind.

He needed time to think, Just a couple of hours to clear his mind, there's always a struggle in the life of a man when he must decide between what's fair and what's right, and the fair or right choice is not always obvious;  so  this was the right moment to look inside himself, to  look  into the  depths of  his heart,  and then wonder, what must  I do?. His mistake is the misery of someone else,   but there's not much time,  opportunities come only once   and   never   come  back again, they are like a wind that touches your face just once, the next current of wind is always different from the first one.

Well, he knew it, he looked at the clock on the wall   and then looked through   the window again, he thought “someone is going to be happy today and someone else is going to be unhappy, the life is not fair, the life is not right, life is just like that. You have to make your choice and sometimes no matter the choice you make, someone else is eventually injured, it's not my fault, I didn't make the rules of life”.

So while he was thinking like that   he    took his briefcase   and went out of the room with his black eyes lost in the distance, thoughts spinning around his mind, a faint pressure on his heart trying to make him change his mind, his decision.  He was walking across the corridor and his phone started to ring, he didn't want to answer it, but it kept on ringing insistently, finally he answered the phone;  he said: “ Hi!,  Where are you? What are you doing? “, Said one female voice on the other side of the phone; then He said: “ don’t worry everything is going to be all right, I'll fix my mistake, he didn’t deserve this, I want him to live”  the other voice said:  “ What are you talking about?, it wasn't your fault, it was just an accident, don't speak like that, you're scaring me”.  He said: “I’ll make sure that you both are happy “, the other voice said:”No wait! What are you.....”’, He hung up.

He was about to get in the elevator but suddenly a great noise crossed the air, He felt a big  wave of heat in front of his face, his body was lifted from the floor like a pen  and was thrown back with big force, He fell in the middle of the corridor beside a big couch and then one side wall fell down but as a great stroke of luck the couch prevented him from being crushed, immediately a big piece of the roof fell down and this time his legs were trapped. Was a big explosion and He didn't know what had happened, He lost consciousness and fell asleep.

He opened his eyes, He didn't know how long had been asleep just could feel the pain on his legs, he was very confused and then began to yelling: ' Help, help, somebody help me please! ', but no one heard him, He tried to remove the wall over him, but it was impossible it was very heavy and he was very weak, he looked at around him though  it was very dark and he saw just debris for everywhere.

But there was just a question in his mind: ' What time is it? This can't be happening, I can't die in this way, if I die here now, How long will take to someone to find my body, and finally when someone find out my lifeless body it will be very late, my heart won't be useful any longer for anyone else, Oh! And one more thing! Where are the documents ‘, He moved his hand trying to find the briefcase and he could felt it with his fingers, He tried to put it on his chest but it was trapped under a piece of wall. Meanwhile his worries about the time kept on and He wanted to see his clock but again he wasn't able rise up his hand,  he was sweating, and one touch of hopeless came into his heart, his death wasn't just his death but it was the death of someone else, and the eternal suffering of his mother too, her death in life.

He thought: ' Why is this happening I just need one opportunity  for to make  the right things, to fix my mistake, lord give me just two hours before I die just two hours is all what I need, you know that I love him, he's my brother, blood from my blood, please forget all bad things that I said before about him and about my mother's love for him, because he's everything that I had not been, because I had been a bad son  and I know that my mother still love me despite my wrong behavior, and I know that the thing that I am thinking to do will be painful for my mother but also I know that is the only right thing that I can do for my brother and in some way for the future happiness of my mother '.  Then he fell asleep again.

He wake up again, his phone was ringing, it was into his pocket and he had forgot it, so He tried  to get it He made a big effort trying to put his hand into his pocket, finally He got it and pushed a key to respond, then He could hear the voice of his mother in the distance saying: 'Adam, Adam! Talks to me please, where are you? Why you hanged me last time? ', He yelled: ' Mom! Mom! I need help, something happened, I don't know what it was, maybe a Earthquake or some explosion, I'm trapped, please help me ',  his mother said:  ' What?, are you in the Carlton Hotel? ',  ' Yes I'm here the building fell down over me I don't know how I'm alive I'm trapped under the walls ' He said with a desperate voice. ‘Tell me in what area of the hotel you were I'm going to call to firemen department ', He thought ' oh no she's going to hang up ' then he said: ' Wait, wait, I'll tell you but you don't hang up please, if you do it maybe we won't be able talk again ', ' Okay son then tell me your location ',  He said: ' I was in the first floor into the corridor of the room 205 ', 'Okay I got it, just wait a moment I'll be back in just one minute '.

He wasn't able  to do nothing more just wait, but then this  thoughts came in to him ‘ now what I going to do, I don't know what hour is, maybe it's very late for my brother but if I have few hours how I suppose that I going to do this, will have many people around me, well,  it doesn't matter anyway I must  do it I just hope that my mother forgive me some day ‘. Again his mother was there, she said: ‘Adam! The firemen departments are looking for you right now, I'm going to there right now too ‘, but He said: ‘No, no wait don’t come here everything is going to be all right ‘,‘What are you talking about of course that I’ll go there and I have news to you ‘. But In that moment the battery of Adam's cellular was over, he didn't realize and kept on talking ‘mom, mom, what news? what is it? Mom are you there?  Oh! No’.

He began to see lights and also to hear voices which was saying ‘ you come over here ‘,  and then he began to yell ‘ help, help, help me please ‘, someone said: ‘ Sir, sir I heard voices over here’ , the leader of the firemen's group came until there and said: ‘ okay everyone I need your help, we're going to move this debris very carefully ‘. 

it was a day very hot, the bright sun was over their heads, they were working all night without take a rest, had passed 26 hours from the explosion, yes,  one big explosion because one tube of gas in the hotel's kitchen was broken, very soon the kitchen was full of gas and no one wasn't able realize of that, so when no one was waiting for, everything was going for the air, many people died there and they never knew what had happened, Adam had a good luck, maybe because God wanted give to him another chance to make the right things.

but Adam didn't know that, he wasn't able to think in this way and he didn't know that had passed 26 hours, when he was about to get in the elevator it was 10 in the morning, so he was thinking that he was in the same day, of course he was wrong and that was his worst mistake.

‘Sir we are going to need a machine to move this wall’ said one fireman.  ‘Okay there’s not problem, hey! You bring that machine here’.  The machine came and soon the firemen began to tie the wall and then one fireman said: ‘okay takes it off slowly’, the machine began to raise up the wall very carefully, and Adam heard a voice which was saying ‘Sir don't worry stay there calm down and everything is going to be all right ‘, at last Adam was able to see the light of the sun and then he felt a big pain on his legs more painful than ever, he said:  ‘Oh my god! My legs I feel pain a lot’  and then the fireman boss said: ‘Okay we must move this man very carefully, Sir  calm down you are save now, don’t try to move please’, Adam said: ‘What?, of course I won’t move because I can’t’.

Then after a while Adam was on a stretcher but he was worry because of his briefcase and the hour of the day, he said:  ‘What time is it?’ one nurse said: ‘it’s two and a half’ then he thought: ‘Yes I have time to do it my brother is going to live’ and then he said: ‘Wait, wait, my briefcase I need my briefcase it’s very important please Sir get my briefcase’  the nurse said: ‘Sir don’t worry about it we’ll find it and will send it to the hospital’ but Adam said: ‘No no you don’t understand I need my briefcase now, give me my briefcase’ the nurse said: ‘Okay Sir wait’ and the nurse asked for the favor to the fireman next to her’ in just two minutes Adam had his briefcase with him, then he opened it and took out a document, he said to the nurse:  ‘Miss look at this document’ she was surprised she took the document in her hand’ Adam said: ‘What can you read there?’, she said: ‘well it says that in case that you die you’ll donate your heart and this document it’s an authorization for this’ then Adam said ‘Good miss, let me ask you for a favor, when I be already died give my heart to my brother he’s dying  and it’s my fault, miss, promise me that please’ she said: ‘What are you talking about?, you are not going to die, at least not now and the day when  you die surely I’m not going to be there I sure that you are going to live many year more’ then he said: ‘I am afraid that that don’t going to happens’ while he was saying that words he took out a gun from his briefcase and the nurse felt panic when she saw the gun and she began to yell: ‘What are you doing? Are you insane?’ and right there was a policeman and he yelled: ‘everyone take care he got a gun’ and quickly the policeman took out his gun too and he said: ‘Sir,  drop down the gun right now’ Adam said: ‘you don’t understand, this is for my brother he’s dying and I have just two hours to help him’ the policeman said: ‘please Sir don’t do this’ and then Adam extended his arm for to put the gun over his head for shoot himself but the policeman felt nervous, he thought that Adam was going to shoot to him, so this was a decision to take in just few seconds and he decided shoot first, Adam just heard the noise of the explosion of the policeman’s gun and felt a little pain into his chest and then in just few seconds he wasn’t able feel anything else, he has gone.

The bullet crossed his heart, his precious heart for which everything had happening, he died and didn’t know that his heart wouldn’t useful for his brother and for no one else.  The nurse was there shocked, she said: ‘Why you shoot him? , that wasn’t necessary’ the policeman said: ‘Sorry I didn´t want to do it’ but I had not choice he was going to shoot to someone’.  Right there in that moment the Adam’s mother came, she looked at him and then she fall down on her knees and began to cry, she was feeling many pain into her soul, he was her little boy, she loved him so much, she knew that he has made a mistake but it didn’t matter, not for the heart of the one mother like she; the nurse took the Adam’s mother hands and said: ‘I’m sorry so  much ma’am’.  Everyone was there looking at the lifeless Adam’s body and the pain over the Adam’s mother face, anyone couldn’t believe it.
Then the Adam’s mother stood up and looked at the policeman with hate in her eyes, she yelled: ‘Why you killed him? , why? ‘ She began to hit him on his chest and the nurse took her and said: ‘Ma’am, her son had a gun and I think that her son wanted commit suicide, this policeman didn´t know that, so it was probably for him that your son was going to shoot to someone else, everything was very fast’ then the Adam’s mother said: ‘What?, oh! My god!, My son, this was because of his brother, he felt guilty, no no no please no!’  she was crying so loud and the nurse took her in her arms, then the nurse said: ‘Ma’am, before this happened he gave a document and made me make a promise’, the Adam’s mother said: ‘What document?, what promise?’ the nurse said: ‘This document is an authorization for donate his heart when he had already died and he told me that I did must promise to him that when he had already died his heart would be given to his brother’ then the Adam’s mother stared at she and said: ‘What?, but his brother is okay, yesterday in afternoon he was operated, the doctors finally were able find one donor who died yesterday at two o’clock so they took this heart. 
She stayed there, looking at on the distance, speechless and then she said:  ‘Adam always was a very secure person of himself, he seemed didn't need from my attention ever, he felt annoyed when I was trying to help him about his stuffs, but curiously he was feeling jealous with his brother and he was saying that I was loving to Nicolas more than I was loving to him, but he was wrong I loved him so much, how couldn't love him, it's just that he was so autonomous.

Some days ago my son Adam must carry to my other one son Nicolas for to take a test for his university so I gave the car keys to him, I had to go to work.  When the hour to go to the university came Adam was talking on the phone with his girlfriend, Nicolas was insisting so that he hang up the phone, but he didn’t it, finally after a while Adam gave the car’s keys to Nicolas, He allowed Nicolas to drive the car and Nicolas is just 17 and he still don’t drive very well, Nicolas was very angry with Adam, so he just took the car and went driving to the university then on the motorway he lost the control of the car, he was driving so fast because it was late for to take his test, suddenly he had to push the brakes very hard and because of this the car stared to spinning around and it crashed against a bridge’s wall on the motorway, he was trapped under metals and iron, the paramedic and rescue teams didn’t take much time to get there, they took out him after much time working hard for to open the car, they had use some machines to cut the metal and Adam came there he was crying desperate he was feeling so guilty and in some way me too.

Finally they carried Nicolas to the hospital and the doctor said that a main artery of the Nicolas’ heart was obstructed and his heart had suffer too much because of this, his heart was injured, so the doctor said that he would need other heart and meanwhile  he would have to live tied up to a machine,  but it was difficult  get a donator for him, the donator would have to be sane and young like him and of course compatible ,  after ten days the doctor said that Nicolas was in danger that he wouldn’t make it  and that maybe if  it wasn’t able get the heart before yesterday in the afternoon Nicolas was going to die.

And now I understand what happened, Adam never knew that the deadline day had already passed. He died for love, he died for nothing’.

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Blog 9-14-9

09/14/2009 - 11:55 | tennesay




In Japan, in the Osaka Prefecture, in the city of Kishiwada there is the Danjiri festival. The Danjiri Festival goes on the 14th and 15th of September. The festival is a prayer or celebration to shinto gods. The carts used are called dokutoku. The carts themselves are large wooden floats. Each individual neighborhood makes their own. With these carts they move around. If they encounter another cart they ram them together. People even ride on these floats while they move. The big event is where they run downhill near kishiwada castle.

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09/14/2009 - 10:57 | symphonia7


When I was about six years old, I went to the ocean.  I wanted to do many different things there.  Every morning I would swim in the ocean, Also, I would walk with my parents down the beach.  If it rained, we would stay indoors and read a book.  At night, we would go to a restaurant and eat delicious seafood.  Sometimes, we would play mini-golf.  It was a lot of fun! As for a souvenir, my parents would let me buy candy.  It was so sweet and delicious!  Now, I wait every year to go back to the ocean.

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09/14/2009 - 10:07 | serrak


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09/14/2009 - 09:47 | serrak


Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm originally from Connecticut (USA) but I'm a first-year student at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. I'm planning on majoring in East Asian Studies. Last year I studied abroad in Nagoya for six months. I like music. Thanks for reading.

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口ぐせ ~habit of saying~

09/13/2009 - 23:29 | KazuharuN

Hi , How's it going?
It is the perfect weather in my home town today.
If you'll want to come to Japan, I recommend the autumn or spring.

BTW, Do you have some "havit of saying" ?
Most of Japanese people usually say "えー or えーっと・・・(it's means "you know,bla bla bla・・ ”) at the start of thier conversation.
If Native English speaker hear the " えー or えーっと・・・" pronunciation, it is sometimes sound-alike "at".
it requently misunderstanding.

If you'll have some chance of talking with Japanese people in English, you should be careful to hear our habit of saying.

Incidentally, my habit of saying is "そう(so-u)".
When I speak English, I sometimes use "そう” without a thought.
 I had been warned several times by an English instructor about it,when I went to the English conversation school.











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09/13/2009 - 23:23 | Sam

徳島市四国にあります。八月にに徳島市で、あわ踊りがあります。八月十二日から踊り始めて、八月十五日まで終わります。あわ踊りは盆踊りですねえ〜 あわ踊りだと言われていて、1585年に始まりました。「アホの踊り」ということです。たいてい皆さんはでんとうてきな音楽に聞きます。音楽って、楽器はよくしゃみせんとか笛とか太鼓とかです。人々は「踊るアホにみるアホ、同じアホならならオドラニャそんそん..」と歌います。皆さんは毎日道で踊ります。子供も時々踊ります。よく、踊るが本当にかんたんです。でも、女のスタイルと男のスタイルはちょっと違います。男の人はたびを着きます。私は徳島にあわ踊りを見に行きたいと思いますよ。

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09/13/2009 - 18:23 | Danni



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