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mi equipos favoritas

07/31/2017 - 19:18 | OsbourneK

Clippers de Los Angeles (baloncesto) y los New York Jets (futbol Americana) toda la vida!!!!

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Permito Me a Mi Mismo

07/31/2017 - 19:01 | OsbourneK

Buenas dias/ tardes,  mi llamo es Kenneth Osbourne.  Yo soy Americano.  Yo soy de Philadelphia via Portland,  Maine.  Soy de la familia de uno hermano,  mi padre llamo es Kenneth Osbourne Sr y mi madre llama es Virginia Osbourne.  Ambos mis padres son maestros en el distrito de Philadelphia.  Mi hermano llamo es Kyle.  El es muy muy inteligente!!! El es estudaiar en Universidad de LaSalle.  El es vamo estudiar ser un psycologo clinico.  Todo tengo la sobrina, ella llama es Trinity.  Yo soy estudiar en Colegio Esperanza.  Estoy tengo Espanol este semestre....tengo un professora maravilloso y comica.  Ella llama es Professora Moss Velasco.  Ella es muy bueno en a ayudara nosotros(?) aprendera.  

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Espanol Blog

07/30/2017 - 23:53 | diorfields

¡Hola! Me llama es Dior Fields. Me gusta aprender nuevo material. Yo soy honesto, educado y fuerte. Actualmente soy un estudiante de tiempo completo en la Universidad Eastern estudia trabajo social, Mientras trabajaba a tiempo parcial como especialista de la salud del comportamiento con niños en edad escolar. En clase hoy red con diferentes colegas hacer preguntas de la muestra, que el profesor. Después de clase conocí a Michael en la biblioteca para que le ayuden con la impresión material de la clase de brightspace. Micheal fue deseosos de aprender y dedicado a alcanzar metas y para discutir sus objetivos de carrera. Él es inteligente, valiente y feliz de ser un estudiante. Estudia administración de empresas. Mi compañero y yo somos ambos estudiantes en la Universidad Eastern, aprender a español primaria. Ambos tenemos metas y logros a alcanzar.

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07/29/2017 - 19:17 | DouglasF_

Me llamo Fabian. Soy alto,cómico e inteligente. Soy gerente de Autozone. Mi amigo Kenneth de la clase de espanol el comico, moreno y alto. El es estudiante de Esperanza. Algo que tenemos en común es que los dos somos altos. 

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Jonathan Ford Primera Espanol Blog

07/28/2017 - 23:56 | FordJ


       Hola, Me llamo Jonathan Ford. Soy, alto, fuerte,y inteligente. Me asistir a Eastern University. Me tambien tengo un amigo el nombre Jessica. Ella es baja, cómica and inteligente. Ella asistir a Eastern university. Ambos Jessica y me son inteligente.

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Esta soy yo

07/28/2017 - 17:53 | MelendezY

Me llamo Yamayra Melendez. Soy de estatura baja, inteligente, y bonita. Soy estudiante. Mi amiga se llama Yessica. Ella es baja, Buena, e inteligente. Yessica es estudiante. Nosotras somos morenas.


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Blog 2 - Ada Trillo

07/27/2017 - 00:20 | dicrescenzad

Ada Trilllo abrió su exposición. Inauguró la exposició el 19 de Julio. Esta dando una voz a las prostitutas de ciudad Juarez con las fotografias. Trillo hizo las fotografías en blanco y negro.


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Hi people!Who wants to study Russian?

07/25/2017 - 15:42 | diana8856

Now I'm studying English, German and Polish. My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian.So if you want to find Russian or Ukrainian tutor ,contact me!

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Explaining the unexplainable

07/22/2017 - 15:07 | Montxo



Can you hear the inner voice?

It is always asking...
Those questions, that inquisitive probing. The old "W" queries.

Reality is a foggy sea where our selves sail, each one of us in a different boat.

Some are full of lights and contraptions to send signals, other with just a positioning light and a small flag. Others again not even wearing those scanty tools.

We drift along.

Sometimes we are so near one another we think we can communicate and start to send frantic signals from our decks.

From the other boat seems as if there was an understanding and it sends signals back.

After a while we feel we are communicated, but are we?

Up to a point, maybe, enough to drift along, to feel we are not utterly alone, it is possible to exchange tokens, but we cannot, ever, to board the other boat, to feel the "other" reality.

Questions stand alive, scorching us as a burning iron:

Why am I estranged this way?
What is the reason of this severe exclusion?
How can I feel other people feelings, share their tenets, know what "red" means, really means, in their minds, and why I cannot do it?!


Like it or not we must treasure second best, that poor imitations of true sharing: friendship, partnership, love, or worst yet "third best": hugs, kisses and that being so near but never near enough! Poor sad, frantic signals sent from our loneliness.

Is this all that there is? Is madness the ruler of this happenstance?
If you tell me that you believe this, I respect your belief, but is it all?

How I, or even you for that matter, know it is true.
Have you dived into the deep inners of your consciousness?
Have you probed all possibilities?, or this belief is only the product of disappointment, an expression of rage against the unassailable fortress of the unknown.

Do you think the unknown exists? Can I say I do not know the unknown and still look into my own feelings?

Seems so sad but no, it is not so...

Cheer up! in this reality there is no eternity, nothing is forever and that is good!

© 2017 Montxo.

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At sea, far away...

07/22/2017 - 13:54 | Montxo



This was home for some time.

Free space, great view of the sea, fish, salty smells, and waves.

Ninety five miles from mainland and solitude make the day to day chores important.

A babel of Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, some German, a tbsp. of Spanish, several flavors of English... and Pidgin, of course, and when all these failed the windmill of hand language; anything to get through in human communication.

Sometimes, father Poseidon wanted to know what were those weird biped doing on the platform, so it raised tall waves, asked Eolo to roar with high gales, and Zeus to send rain as a heavy curtain to clean the atmosphere and thunderbolts to see better. Awesome and scary, those who were not working on the deck ran downstairs to the cozy and covered entrails of the platform.

When the full moon started to rise on a calm sea everybody was on the deck, it was a sacred view. Casta diva in her pure splendor.

I wondered many times: we were coarse, hard men toiling in a difficult and dangerous task but the mystic of a full moon mesmerized us as if we were a bunch of poets with a sensible soul...

... but then again, maybe we were and we had it.

© 2017 Montxo.


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