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Peppa Pig "Bedtime story"

This is my listening and writing practice with "PeppaPig" on youtube!
If I can't listen and understand a words or phrases, I'll write underline under the words and add "(?)" at end.

PeppaPig ”Peppa and George's Garden”_2

Mammy Pig: Peppa George bath time.

Peppa: Oh. But watches the birdy come back.

Daddy Pig: Don't worry Peppa. I'll make sure the birds don't eat the seeds.

P: Thank you Daddy.

Granpa Pig: Good luck Daddy Pig. See you tomorrow.

Dad: Bye. Ah... This is nice.

P: Daddy! You you have to be a scarecrow!(?)

PeppaPig ”Peppa and George's Garden”

”Peppa and George's Garden”

Daddypig is sitting in his favorite sunny spot.

Daddy pig: What a perfect day for doing nothing!

Daddy pig loves doing nothing.

Dad: How could be better? I know, a cup of tea!

Granpa pig has come to see Peppa and George.

Peppa: Granpa pig! 

Granpa pig: Hello Peppa and George. You are gain to have your very  own flower garden.

P: Woo! A Garden which George and me!

Description of my blog

I learn to English with 'Peppa Pig'.

Usually, I watching 'Peppa Pig' on youtube, and I try to listen and write English.

So, I'm going to write it to My blog.

And, I am going to write also my pet Chinchilla and, a little things of my life in Yokohama.

Thank you!


わたしは 「ペッパピッグ」で えいごの べんきょうをしています。

いつも、youtubeで 「ペッパピッグ」を みながら、えいごを きいて かきとっています。

なので、ブログに そのことを かこうと おもっています。

また、わたしの ペットの チンチラのことや、わたしの よこはまでの せいかつの ささいなことを かくつもりです。