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Submitted by kaykazumi on Fri, 09/08/2017 - 19:43

Accept all things, cast anchor in God.

Beyond all phenomena, filled with the Infinite bliss. Nothing can move it.

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I do not undertand.  Are the two sentences closely related?

? "Cast anchor" ?  Cast ---> throw, toss ?  To lower or "drop" an anchor from a boat to the bottom in order to prevent the boat from drifting?


And what is "beyond all phenomena"?  God?  What is "filled with the Infinite bliss"? The anchor?


? "Nothing can move it."  ?  Move what? The anchor?

These sentences are the words of the Japanese person I respect. I translated it. The second and third sentences are explanatory notes or comments to the first sentence.

"Cast anchor" means "drop anchor." "Cast anchor in God." is a metaphorical expression of "Realise that God and me are one."

"Beyond all phenomena" means "Beyond all the phenomenal worlds."

We are filled with the Infinite bliss.

Nothing can move us(the persons who transcend all the phenomenal worlds).


I rewrote:

"Accept all things and drop anchor in God"

Transcending all the phenomenal worlds enables you to be filled with the Infinite bliss. Nothing can move us.


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