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What would you do if someone accused you of a crime you didn’t commit?

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Submitted by Fredyfloyd on Thu, 09/07/2017 - 13:44

This is a really hard situation. I cannot imagine myself being in that kind of situation, because most of the time I am trying to do the right things. So, if someone accused me for a crime that I didn't commit, I probably didn't know how to respond or what attitude to adopt. In that way, It is probable that lots of hypothesis blew out my mind, like what about my future or how my life is going to change. But, I probably would spend my time trying to identify who was the person that made such accusation and trying to realize what was his primary reason to do that. Once I got over this primary response, I would try to find a good lawyer and start finding evidence to support my innocence.


Language - (hold down the CTRL key to select more than one):

Comments the right things - ...thing...
Note: We don't usually say this in the plurar, but rather in the singular.
...accused me for a crime - ... of a crime...
I probably didn't know how to respond - ...wouldn't know how...
Note: "Didn't" is past tense and for sure. It hasn't happened, so "wouldn't" is used to show probability / speculation.
In that way... - ???
Note: I'd need to see the original Spanish to figure out what you meant to say.
It is probable... hypothesis - This is correct, but sounds very awkward and extremely formal.
Note: A native would say something like, "Probably lots of things would be going through my mind..." 
We wouldn't use the word "hypothesis", which by the way, is "Hypotheses" in its plural form.
such accusation - such an accusation
trying to realize what was his primary reason to do that - trying to discover his primary reason for doing this / what he did.
support my innocence - prove my innocence
Note: We support facts, but we prove innocence.