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An exercise in Arabic about (the phonetic system,last lessons)

Submitted by YoussefElhirar on Do, 01/26/2012 - 03:17

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a-ssalaamu alakum (hello everyone)
you missed me all I think -the answer's no !- LoL. Well, today, I will do a test for the others who have seen the lessons about the phonetic system in Arabic.
Actually it will be as a game for you,and you can do it in any time when you're free. I will write down some Arabic words in Arabic letters,then you can try to write them by Latin letters, and you can practice the pronunciation
with someone to correct you.(if you contact any Arabian,tell him or her at first, that you're  learning Standard Arabic,sure if you're interesting in it ;))
let's moving !!

1- دَارٌ

2 -غِطَاءٌ

3 - مٍصْبَاحٌ

4 - أَنَا

5 - أَنْتِ

6 - غُرْفَةٌ

7 -مَرْحَباً

8 -كَيْفَ

9 -مَقْعَدٌ

10 - شُكْراً

1(a house) / 2(a blanket) / 3(a lamp) / 4 (I)/5 (you)/ 6( a bedroom) / 7(hello/welcome) / 8(how)/9(an armchair) / 10(thanks).

to help you for example :

تِلْمِيذٌ ----------------- ti+l'+mii+Thun ------------- til'miiThun

Next lesson we will start to know some greeting in Arabic and the pronouns in Arabic too ;) good luck friends !

You can press the button "Ctrl" and then "+" to zoom the page, that will help you to see the word in Arabic as well ;)