The introduction (some Advices + explaining the plan of learning) ;)



Hello everyone !


I hope you were doing great on the last lessons in Arabic.Well,I will do on this lesson, or you can see your first lesson which you will learn seriously Arabic language after the long explaining about the phonetic system, please everyone don't use the system to memories the words, I will use it just to know the pronunciation, if you want to test yourself on the pronunciation, you can contact me or another native speaker, with pleasure to help you more to get the good pronunciation.


At first,I will explain the plan that we will use the learn Arabic, I will do five parts:1-Conversation 2-Vocabulary 3-Grammar 4-Reading 5-writing


1-Conversation: I will write down in every lessons, the famous conversation in (Standard Arabic).


2-Vocalulary : It will relate to the conversation, I will just notice the words and their meaning.


3-Grammar : I will help with the simple which can help you to understand the construction of phrases in Arabic, and context you will understand when you will check a lot of vocabulary,Just remember please, don't use the system to MEMORIZE the words, it's not helpful, I will tell you why soon. ^^


4-Reading : I will write a small article in Arabic like introduction of yourself, talking about hobbies, or something else...(concentrate in reading at first, then you can search the meaning )


5-Writing : it will be relate to everything grammar,conversation, vocabulary,reading,and I want you to do mistakes haha, because it's the only way to not do the same next time lol.


some advices :


+ don't use the system of phonetic to memorize the words !!


+ try to write something in Arabic, two words,three,four....just write,it's more important to be familiar with the Arabic writing ;)


+ try to listen something in Arabic, songs, movies, radio, anything that you love.


+contact native speakers to help you more.


+ask different people to get more information


+don't be scared if you listen to different accent in Arabic, they're the same and also useful, but personally I advice you to listen to Saudi dialect a lot, I prefer this accent, because it's more like Arabic(standard) accent, that can help to get more useful words in Arabic


+Try to memorize the words by using pictures or something like, how ?_?, well, I think everybody do this doing :"When I don't know a word I hairy up to check the translation from Google,Well, you can change that doing for another better.You can use image Google actually, put down the word, and wait to see what you will check.then do the translation of the word in your own language,ans then save the word and the picture with this name,I think it's more useful, and you can memorize every time the words easily. @_^


+Use a dictionary to check the new words and their own meaning or using, I prefer Oxford,it's famous and good dictionary to know everything about the search.


*Information :


Well, when you will contact to someone,I think it's better to ask the native when he or she is from, and tell him or her:" I am trying to learn standard Arabic"(sure if you're interesting on it)


Everyone I finish my talking now, I hope I will see you all as soon as possible to do this plan, and if you have any suggestion please be free to contact me :)I am 20 years old, but I know a lot of thing (alhamudilah),because the experiences which done the age, not the age ;)


see you !