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Submitted by BennyFuLe on Jue, 09/10/2009 - 17:43

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After much help



我凭什么要写中文博客阿??当然是为了提高我的中文水平  ,可这不是最重要的。我是英国人,我这三年都待在国外  ,半年在法国,一年在中国(在哈尔滨和北京)和一年在也门。在这三年期间,我在学语言,但主要是要了解不同的文化,现在我沉迷于外国事物,这就是为什么我要写这个博客。我想分享我的想法,找到谁也沉迷于文化的人,并听取他们的想法了。

以前我也经常坐在电脑面前写博客 可从来没发表,可这是第一次我发表我的博客,希望这是第一从很多。

Before corrections:







Thanks for reading and your feedback. I was trying to say something like I am now addicted to foreign things (ie culture languages etc.). I am far far from xenophobic so I was not trying to say that. This was the only time I used google for help, I think I learnt my lesson there.

How should I express “I am now addicted to everyhing foreign"

lol, O dear Google~I heard the most accruate machine translator could have as much as 75% correctness nowadays, but obviously it's not the iGoogle thingy.

Um Im addicted to foreign things should probably be translated into "现在我沉迷于外国事物"~ Good luck..

我还没开始两种多新年愿望 you`d better say 我还没有开始去实现我的两个新年愿望

我凭什么要写中文博客阿?not 凭什么it`s 为什么 

当让我要提供我的中文能力i think you want to say 当然是为了提高我的中文水平  

可这年以前我带过三年在外国change into  我这三年都待在国外 

我想学的语言better say  我在学语言  现在我沉迷于排外i cant understand this sentence

以前我也在电脑前面坐过,开始写博客 i dont know if you want to say 以前我也经常坐在电脑面前写博客 可从来没发表  

希望这是第一从很多this sentence cant make sense

Thank you very much for making these corrections. Youre corrections understoof exactly what I was trying to say, thank you.

With the two sentences you couldnt understand.

现在我沉迷于排外 I was trying to express something like “I am now addicted to everyhing foreign"

希望这是第一从很多 I wanted to finish saying something like "I hope this will be the first of many (ie blogs)

Thanks again.

in my opinion, you can just add a word in the sentence,  我想学的"是"语言

the meaning of " 是 "  = "is"  (be verbs)

what you wrote means "what i want to learn _____ language"

                                         的    我   想       學 ______ 語言

so you have to add a verb to the sentence !