What do you think about the apearance of the new found exoplanets . It  is funny that they weere found just now by nasa. For decades they were looking for them and found only some. Now in a rather near of approx. 40 lightyears one has been found habitable planets which are rotating around a red dwarf. What is is your opinion , do you aspect other life forms as imaginable - I think it would be astonishing if we were the only one in universe.

The other thesis is that life comes from alpha centauri , and other starsystems.and that aliens have been in ancient times at the earth and founded the first tribes here.  After a certain time they returned - with the promise of an return .

Independent of the own point of view - there happened enough remarkable things in the past,  that can demand our respect and honour. There are imposing buildings , where architects of today - with present equipment - are in danger to fail  in areconstuction in a little scale . There are enough question unanswered about how in ancient times that has been possible.