Over Do

11/19/2009 - 02:54 | lisatrents

People often have times wherein they
just couldn't function at all. When everything seem to be very
complicated and not in sync. It a dreadful feeling that almost
everyone has experience at some point in their lives. Whats amazing
is that when these people experience a sudden gust of functionality
it seems as though they continue to perform to the point that they
overdo their tasks and get burned out eventually.

This situation is why many individuals
often leave their jobs sooner than expected. They easily get tired
because even from the start they start to exert so much effort to the
point where they give so much more than what is required. These
individuals can be classified as those who just started working or
has just left an extremely hard working environment.They tend to be
excited and pumped up with the new culture, new tasks and other

An self-created pressure--most of these
people experience this. They think that what they have accomplished
still is not enough and they continue to function. Paranoid as most
would call these people but some would call them to be in a state of
frenzy. Like a premiere sports star, once you are at your best there
is no holding back.

Another thing that can be said is that
what is needed most for this people is a signal. That they should
stop, in this way they can realize by themselves that they have been
overdoing everything. That the amount of paper writing,
multimedia presentations, term papers or other tasks are not needed anymore.
People would definitely respond to this. A simple act like can be
able to save them from themselves. Once it is realized they will
pretty much figure everything out by themselves. Just like in the 5
steps of grief, acceptance is the first one.

This is probably the best way to take
these people out of their streak and know that everything should just
be paced in pace. Look at China, “slowly but surely”. And surely
did they become a powerful nation. A good and steady development is
really the best way for a sustainable future. Everybody should just
keep the right flow, hastiness has never been effective.

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11/19/2009 - 00:41 | ladymirialia






。。。ただしいですか? 私は違ったら、教えてくださいませんか?=D



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Looking to learn Japanese. Partner?

11/18/2009 - 17:25 | Bricco30

Hello, I'm James.


I'm interested in learning japanese and looking for a partner to help with that.  I'd also be willing to help them with their english if they need it, I've got no special english tutoring degrees, but I've been using it all my life and I particularly excel at grammar!

So If anyone is interested, message me and any help is appreciated greatly, thanks!

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Testing my new camera.

11/16/2009 - 14:57 | DavidCrecente


   Hi all,

   I would like that someone corrects my next writting. Thanks in advance.


   Recently I bought a new camera and I went to test it the last Sunday. I bought a Panasonic Lumix LX3 and I chosed this camera because it's compact but manually I can configure a load of settings.

   I decided to test it in the countryside while I practiced hicking. I went to Casillas, in Avila.

   I chosed this location because there are serveral chestnut forest and the colors brown and yellow are very beautiful.


Casillas - Ávila

Casillas - Avila

   This fall has been very warm and the trees have changed its leafs very late. Exactly one moth later than the previous year.

   The ground was completly covered of brown leafs and the color of the leafs in the trees was yellow.

   We were lucky because the day was very sunny and I could enjoy of a day with a blue sky.


El Tiemblo - Ávila

El Tiemblo - Ávila


   The feelings with the camera were very good. It's intuitive, easy to use, small and I can take good pictures with it.

   The camera does a very agressive processing of the image but the final result is in my opinion very good. Very attractive.

   It was a pain to see that the lense is not completely hidden when the camera is turn off. I need to use a cap so I'll need to buy a filter to protect the lense of knocks.

   To resume I have to say that I am very glad with my new camera and the feelings it gives me.


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A few words about me.

11/16/2009 - 05:30 | balarajuuk

My mother tongue is Telugu, a south Indian language spoken by around 70 million people. I moved to the UK when I was a kid and picked up English very well. I can therefore fluently read, write and speak English and Telugu. I learnt speaking and reading Hindi, Tamil and Deutsch (German) while I was in India and am now learning Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Learning a new language is without a doubt the most satisfying learning experience ever. It opens doors to cultures and people who become instant friends without the boundaries of religion, age or colour.  I travel frequently (atleast once a month) to either Europe or India and now I intend to spend some time in Shanghai for a few months in 2010. I also enjoy travelling within the USA and realise the usefulness of Spanish as a second language there.

I work within the NHS and private sector as a Consultant Psychiatrist and look forward to meeting as many people and learning as many languages as possilbe. My favourite tools are the internet (Omniglot, now hopefully Mixxer), CDs (Tony Buzan series), books (lots of them around), software (Rosetta Stone) and of course people themselves.

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Un Introduccion

11/15/2009 - 21:57 | LindsayGB

Soy estudiante en una programa doctorada de ciencia politica.  Estudio movimientos sociales, especialmente estos de Sudamerica.  Necesito mejorar mi espanol para que puedo hacer trabajo de campo (entrevistas, por ejemplo). 

Un poco de mi: vivo en New York City y tengo 26 anos.  Me gusta la fotografia, bailar, comer y cocinar, y para pasar el rato con los amigos. 

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How to write my name?

11/15/2009 - 18:28 | kennacoconut

My name is Kenna (pronounced Kinnuh) and I was wondering how I would write it in different languages for a tattoo.

I would like the spelling and pronounciation in:


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11/14/2009 - 05:07 | mfsanches


Je m'appelle Marlon et je suis bresilien. Je veux apprendre le français. Je veux le parler currement! Si tu veux apprendre le portugais je peux t'aider aussi!!


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つまらないんです。 X_x

11/13/2009 - 16:42 | ladymirialia





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Professional Ethics

11/13/2009 - 13:13 | renata9717

I'm taking the "Professional Ethics" course.
It's a required course because we're in a Catholic university,
and most of my classmates think this course is just wasting our time.
But I feel it is interesting, at least for me.
The line between right and wrong or good and bad is unclear nowadays,
and that's why the course is here for us to think more about it.
It's important, although less people are concerning now.
I'm not saying I'm better than others, I'm just thinking too much than others.
I consider and doubt everything all the time.
If this course can provide/justify some ideas for me I will be really grateful.
Because I'm confused now.

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