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Winning a prize, this time --- gift certificate



Today was a usual day, I think, after doing household chores at night. But this late early-evening, I got registered mail from a postman at home unexpectedly. Inside were two pieces of gift certificate priced at 2,000 yen.

Sending for me was a local paper company which publishes booklets for mothers and other people, and a newspaper about local information such as restaurants and so on.

Won a free ticket for exhibition










Enjoying morning run

Today it's Saturday. I had been thinking of jogging from yesterday if not rain. I brought a camera because I had more time than weekdays.


Today's course --- a usual one of mine ---- crossing two bridges and coming back to the starting point. One of the reasons I choose was that there is a guiding board for walkers and joggers to measure whether your pace is slow or fast.


Visiting a blood donation center

Blood donation center in Niigata prefecture


From the official page of Japanese Red Cross Blood Center Niigata



Visiting a big waterfall

This weekend has three days off in my country including a national holiday called Sports Day on Monday. My family visited Myoko City, where many tourists are attracted for natural wonders and winter sports. The mountainous town in our Niigata prefecture is next to Nagano prefecture.