For teachers interested in language exchanges on the Mixxer

If you are a professional teacher, meaning you already have a class of students, and would like to connect them with native speakers, send me an email to 

How to have a successful language exchange

Let's talk

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In my last post, I wrote about how to find a language partner.  Hopefully that went well, you've contacted some people on the Mixxer and have agreed on days and times to meet on Skype.  What now?

Help About junk food article

Hi all. I need to present an article about the junk food and I would like to validate if this is right:

Understanding vs grasp

What's the difference?

A body of water

My first Writing

Hello Everyone


It’s my first time here and I decided to write something about happiness.


In this activity, I was requested to write about education in my country, pointing out the bad and good points of it and how do I think education will change here in the future. The text below is my essay addressing these points. 



How I found this page

Good Evening All

First of all, I want to say thank you for spending your time with my writting.

Im a 40 woman trying to find an adequate course to study the Cambridge Exam. I have three problems: