Children do "Radio Gymnastics" every morning.


Summer break begins in my neighborhood. My first-grader son started no school since Monday. But there is something that prevents pupils from waking up late in the morning. That is what's called "Radio Gymnastics" in Japan. I tell you about the exercise done among Japanese children in the morning.

Radio Gymnastics (YouTube)

Radio Gymnastics is originally a program aired in the radio and on TV by NHK, which a publicly-funded broadcaster. Even though it's aired on TV, the exercise songs are called "Radio Gymnastics the First and the Second." Every morning, the program begins at 6:30 for ten minutes. It's time-honored; the program has been lasted for long years. I did as a child, too, attending the morning exercise.


Now that summer break enters, my son went to a nearby park for the first time yesterday. He and other pupils bring a so-called "stamp card" to get one seal per day. Due to some reasons by a neighborhood counsel, there are several days when we don't take place such as weekends and several weekdays.


As our summer break lasts until the end of August, the exercise program in the park is held in the same way. My son hopes to attend as many chances as he can to make his card filled with date records.


In addition, the TV and radio programs themselves are broadcast every day throughout the year.



Are there some motivations to do exercise for pupils, like gifts or a summer break's assignment when their stamp card will be filled seals?

Well, when the series of gymnastics ends, kids will be given a gift certificate, which is not expensive. I heard the plan in a community meeting the other day. The fund had been collected before the school year started. Surprisingly, my son wakes up at 6 and barely go to a nearby park for now.

Thank you always.