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Kenneth Osbourne

Date:  8/27/2017

Essay #2

Professor Moss-Velasco


            Mi persona es Ricky Martin (La Vida Loca).  El es famouso para el canción “La Vida Loca”.  El es de Espana y Puerto Rico.  El vive en el actualidad en el Stados Unidos.  El es famouso,  talento,  y el vuelta para su comunidad.

            El tipo de música el que canta es reggaetón,  música pop,  urbana pop,  música pop de baile.  El es primera vocalista.  Aquí lista de personas algunas que con trabaja:

Madonna                      Will.I.Am

Fat Joe                             Joss Stone

Christina Aguilera        Daddy Yankee

Scott Storch                  Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez




            Ricky Martin escribe mayor parte de musica,  pero conoces que co-escribir algunas de su musica.  El cantes en ingles y español.  Yo entiendo su música de Americana pero,  entiendo algunas de su música en otros(¿) idiomas (un pequito)


Tu o usted puede encontrar música de Ricky Martin en:  rickymartinmusic.com

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08/28/2017 - 15:22 | DouglasF_

El nombre del es Juanes. El es de Colombia y el esta en Colombia ahora. El tiene una nacionalidad colombiano. Juanes es un persona rubio, talentoso, y un artista. La musica que el jugar se llama Rock. Ademas de tocar musica el pasa tiempo con su esposa. El trabajo con Nelly Furtado que es un artista Bueno Tambien. Juanes es un persona que escribe sus propias canciones. El canta canciones espanolas pero ahora esta pensando en cantar en espanol ahora. Su musica es diferente y tiene su propia manera de ser Bueno y yo lo entiendo.

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How to have a successful language exchange

08/28/2017 - 10:33 | bryantt

Let's talk

(image from Flickr user Ron Mader)

In my last post, I wrote about how to find a language partner.  Hopefully that went well, you've contacted some people on the Mixxer and have agreed on days and times to meet on Skype.  What now?

  1. Confirm the day and time with your partner.  Don't forget about time zones.  Everyone is busy, and it can be easy to forget or get time changes confused.  This is especially true in the fall and spring when different countries change their clocks at different times.  I've gotten times mixed up myself on more than one occasion.
  2. Prepare some conversational questions in advance.  If you're a beginner, this is an absolute must.  Otherwise you're going to find it difficult to maintain a conversation in the target language for 30 minutes.  If you're an intermediate or advanced learner, you may want to focus the questions on a topic or grammar point that you've recently learned.
  3. Once you make the Skype call, start by setting expectations with your partner so there's no misunderstanding.  How long are you going to speak?  I recommend you spend half of the time exclusively in each language.  It's not as helpful to switch back and forth between each language, and the less advanced speaker tends to get less practice this way.  Also ask you partner if they like to be corrected and how often.  You certainly don't want to correct them each sentence.  Let them talk.  Don't interrupt them.  If they asked for corrections, give them at most one or two examples once they're done speaking.
  4. Keep it positive.  Be encouraging, and remember that humor doesn't always translate well.  Save the sarcasm for later. 
  5. If you feel like you're running out of things to say, here are some topics to get your started or keep you going:
  • Languages - They're here, too, right?  Why are they studying the language?  For how long?  How do they practice?
  • Travel - If they're learning a language, odds are pretty good they have either traveled or would like to.  Where have they been? Where would they like to go?  
  • Hometown - What is their town or city like?  Do people visit their country or city?  What is there to do or see?  What's the closest big city?
  • Family - Do they have a big family or a small family?  What are they like? Where do their family members live?  Ask them to describe each.
  • Free time - What do they do for fun?  Hobbies, sports, arts, or music?
  • Favorite anything - This is a favorite for beginners, ask about their favorite anything.  Food? Music? Country? Book?

Most important of all is how you end the conversation.  Once you've found a good partner, it's important not to lose them.  Be sure to thank them for their time and help with their native language.  Be encouraging about their language skills as well.  Now is also the best time to agree on a next meeting.  

Good luck with your language exchanges.  If you have suggestions for others, leave them in the comments below. 

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Mi Artisto

08/27/2017 - 21:07 | diorfields



                Mi artiso se llama, Chavela Vargas. Ella es de Mexico. Ella vive en San Joaquin de Flores, y Heredia Province en  laCosta Rica. Chavela Murio el estar cinco Agosto 2012. Chavela  tener uno la nacionalidad. Ella estar Mexicana. Ella estar Cantante. Ella tiene negro cabello y ojos.



Chavela canto latinoamericana musica. Chavela es en international tourist. Ella tiene jugas en el filmar. Ella ser un la actriz. Chavela tuvo un papel como actriz en la pelicula Filmar, en donde trabajo con Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera y Federico Garcia Lorca. Ella no escriber su la musica. Ella sing en uno el lengua en Espanol. Yo hacer no comprender Chavela Vargas la musica. Ella la musica es en la youtube. mhttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Chavela+Vargas

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Celia Cruz

08/25/2017 - 14:23 | MelendezY

Celia Cruz es de Havana, Cuba. Ella vive en la ciudad de Nueva York. Cruz tiene la nacionalidad norteamericana. Celia es cantante, de piel morena y de estatura baja. Celia Cruz es cantante de salsa cubana y música tropical. Además de cantar Celia salió en varias películas. Celia ha trabajado con Tito Fuentes. Celia escribe sus canciones. Cruz canta en español. Yo comprendo la música de Celia.


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How to find a language exchange partner

08/21/2017 - 09:08 | bryantt

Language Exchange Image

You're learning a language and have decided to put it to real use.  What better way to practice then to converse with someone learning your native language?  So you've created an account on the Mixxer or another site, and now you're wondering how to get a language partner.  Now what?

First, check your own profile. (My Account -> Edit -> Main Profile on the Mixxer).  Does it have a picture?  It doesn't have to be of you.  A scenic picture of your country, a friendly pet, it doesn't really matter too much.  Any picture will improve your odds. Second, did you explain in your comments or description why you're learning the language?  This will help others decide if you're serious.  If you don't take the time to explain why you're here, others are less likely to take the time to send a message.  

Next, if you're serious about practicing, you're probably going to want more than one partner.  Everyone is busy, and people's motivation and availability is going to vary over time.  I'd recommend trying to arrange exchanges with two to four people and then see how it goes with each of them.

Now it's time to send messages.  On the Mixxer, the Profile Search is to the left.  Select the languages and then there are two other options, Country and Age.   Most users seem to only search for people their own age.  Especially if you're younger, I'd reconsider.  The fear seems to be that there won't be anything to discuss.  I doubt that's true.  You know almost nothing about their life, country and culture.  It shouldn't be hard to think of questions and find an interesting topic.  It's also good practice to speak with all kinds of people.  Finally, if you're serious about learning, it's my experience that older users on average make for more reliable partners.

So you've browsed the profiles, see a potential partner and click the button to send a message, but what should you write?  It's up to you, but every introductory message should include these things:

  • A friendly greeting
  • Your interest in learning their native language and why
  • Willingness to help them learn your native language
  • Your Skype name along with days and times when you're usually available.  Be sure to include the time difference if there is one.  Check http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ if you're not sure.

How many people should you contact?  This site limits you to 20 messages per day, but that's only so I can catch spam bots before they send their junk to every user on the site.  You should send messages until you have found two or three people with whom you've agreed on a time to speak with via Skype.  I usually suggest writing 5-10 messages the first day and then doing so again four or five days later.  Keep going until you have a comfortably full schedule, whatever that may be for you.

Good luck.  Feel free to leave any other tips in the comments below.


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Mis comidas favoritas...

08/18/2017 - 13:25 | Jenniffer Gray

Es difícil nombrar sólo una o dos comidas favoritas. 

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El medioambiente

08/18/2017 - 13:22 | Jenniffer Gray

Me encantaría compartir ideas de cómo cuidar nuestro planeta...

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08/18/2017 - 13:17 | Rebecca Barck

Je voudrais que mes classes parlent de l'actualité et des thèmes comme l'environnement, la santé, etc. 

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Lecturas de verano

08/18/2017 - 13:09 | Marisa Perez-Grose
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