Three day weekend in July of Japan

We had a three day weekend including last Monday, which was Marine Day, a national holiday. Every year, the third Monday in July serves as the public holiday in Japan. Though my family does not go to a faraway place on a usual weekend, this time we drove far to Joetsu City, which is the third largest city in Niigata Prefecture, where I live.

Pla-Rail, toy train series in Japan

I have a two-year-old son, and he has picked up new words and others things around him. What he does after breakfast is to construct toy railroads or to watch related videos. The series is called "Pla-Rail." If you remember about time as a boy, I wonder if you like our Japanese train toys. I'm happy if you're interested. Therefore, I'd like to introduce it.

This is a link for a Pla-Rail video among many with its theme song.

Star Festival and bamboo trees

A new month, July, has begun already. In my area it has been sunny and hot for the last few days, even though this period is called "rainy season" on the calender.

First aid seminar at fire station

I participated in a class to learn first aid to rescue people who are at risk of life. The seminar was held at city's fire department headquarters. My purpose to join the morning class was to be prepared for a case if students at elementary school should drown in a swimming pool this summer break. As a mother of a school kid son, I will watch a swimming pool as a parent volunteer.