Application for kindergarten

As October has started, a lot of kindergartens in my city opened their doors for new kids, who will go to school from next April. My two-year-old son, who was born in March, is going to attend a kindergarten. So, on the first day of October, I visited one kindergarten and submitted an application to a teacher.

Tom & Jerry --- My son's favorite

I have a son who is a second grader in elementary school. He likes various kinds of cartoons as he watches them after arriving at home. One of his favorite these days is "Tom and Jerry." Even though we don't subscribe to any cable television or other pay television except to NHK (Japan's public broadcaster), we can watch it anytime. It's Wii, a gaming console produced by Nintendo, a Japanese manufacturer.

Tokyo Station Vision ---- Fantastic screen image projected on historical train station

I watched television this morning, which broadcast interesting news. Tokyo Station, which is one of Japan's major terminal train stations, held a screen show, whose image was projected on its building. They celebrate a completion of restoring the historical building.

Because I watched only a part of the projection on TV, I looked for a whole video on Youtube.

Here is the video.

TOKYO STATION VISION Rehearsal トウキョウステーションビジョンリハーサル

Japanese castle in my city

My son, who's a second grader in elementary school, went to a field trip by foot to a city park in their neighborhood the other day. As we live in Nagaoka City of Niigata Prefecture in Japan, Yukyuzan Park (悠久山公園) is one of our city's simbolic places. They boast a castle-like building as well as play equipment and a small zoo. My son and other classmates visited the castle whose inside accommodates a local history museum. He brought home a leaflet of the house, so I thought it's a good chance to show you a Japanese-style caslte and so scanned it.



How to handle chopsticks

                     Waribashi (割り箸、わりばし)