For teachers interested in language exchanges on the Mixxer

If you are a professional teacher, meaning you already have a class of students, and would like to connect them with native speakers, send me an email to 

How to have a successful language exchange

Let's talk

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In my last post, I wrote about how to find a language partner.  Hopefully that went well, you've contacted some people on the Mixxer and have agreed on days and times to meet on Skype.  What now?

First-year changes

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maybe too much but important

How relevant is Marxism for analyzing contemporary global politics?

A question

How would you write, using your daily language, the following sentence:

People get married due to lack of experience, they divorce due to lack of patience,  and the remarry due to lack of memory.

In Spanish: La gente se casa por falta de experiencia, se divorcia por falta de paciencia y se vuelve a casar por falta de memoria.


About myself)

My name is Nika and I'm from Russia. I'd like to practice the English language and help people who are interested in Russian. 


Hi everybody!

I'd like to practice and improve my English but sometimes it's tricky to find time to have conversation through skype.

Because of that, I'd like to find English native speakers who use Whatsapp and use this tool to practice with text and voice messages.

Japanese chess title match

about china

Chinese culture and politics are unlikely to become a world superpower  anytime soon.