Looking for Japanese Language Tutor

04/14/2018 - 04:03 | stellam93

To all Japanese willing to learn English with me, please message me in line stellam93 

I am very friendly. I want to learn Japanese language, conversational and business level. Thank you!

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Do you want to practice your listening in English? Try watching videos on

04/13/2018 - 21:06 | Anderson_BR

When I decided to practice my listening in English, I had some trouble finding an efficient way to do that. I tried watching series, but that didn’t work for me. Then I found, a website where you can find videos about practically any subject and, since they’re all “TED Talks”, the person giving the talk must speak clearly, what makes it much easier for English learners to understand. I’ve never found a TED Talk longer than 22-23 minutes.

If you’re an English learner, give it a try.

Specially, if you’re a student (or have already finished your studies), there are lots of TED Talks whose content might help you to keep yourself up to date with your area of study.

Note: Most TED Talks have subtitles in many different languages.  

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The price difference between paperback and hardcover books in Brazil

04/10/2018 - 09:16 | Anderson_BR

Hello everyone,

I'm from Brazil and I want to talk a little about buying books in my country. After you finish reading this (if you want to read, of course) I'd like to hear from you as to whether it is different in your country.

I usually buy some books every year. Last year I was particularly interested in buying a hardcover book. I saw on an website from the U.S. that the paperback and hardcover versions had almost the same price. Then, I went to look for hardcover books on Brazilian websites and I realized that most books don't have a hardcover option, and when it does have it might be as much as threefold more expensive than paperback books. 

People who usually buy books in Brazil often agree that they're very expensive, even the paperback version!

How is that in your country? Are books easily affordable? Is there such a huge price difference between paperback and hardcover version?


I hope to hear your opinion,


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The hay fever season

04/09/2018 - 06:22 | Whitebear

In Japan, a lot of cedar pollen is in the air from March to around the end of April. I have hay fever, so my eyes become itchy every spring. You can see some people putting on masks in Japan. A lot of masks and the medicines for hay fever are sold at the drug stores. I want the hey fever season to be over quickly.

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Sakura viewing at Asakusa temple

04/05/2018 - 23:48 | PotatoIsPotato

Recently, I was super busy and did not have time to update my blog. So this entry becomes my second one.

In this morning, I just moved to Asakusa, Tokyo from Osaka.

I had time to take a look the popular temple in this area called Asakusa temple before meeting up with the real estate agent.

It was simply peaceful and beautiful:)


P.S. Does anyone view Sakura this year? If yes, where did you go and view? Please share your experience with me:)

And if you are not, please share your idea with me. So we can exchange our ideas each other:)

Have a nice day^^

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Bahram Rozybayev I'm looking English Interlocuter

04/05/2018 - 07:35 | Bahram90

Hey guys, I'm lookind for an interlocutor to improved my English. i know Russian and Turkish languages, if somebody want to learn this 2 languages, I'm ready to help! Thank you everybody! My skype name is Bahram Rozybayev!!!

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Do you have tried the fabulous integrated" instant language translator" in the latest SKYPE ?

04/01/2018 - 18:12 | Arnaud Toulon

I am very excited to talk you about this new tool that I had fun testing it with my abroad contacts, and it's stunning! Finished the language barrier and place to enrich and developed discussions! Besides, it is a great way to extend your vocabulary and to understand the construction of the international sentences.

If you have always dreamed of exchanging with your Chinese/Russe/Greek (and many more others) contact, and asking her/him questions about her/his culture: Now it's easy! Everyone writes in their native language, and all is translated in real time. It can convert calls in 13 languages and instant messages into 48 ones!

 Instead of preventing or lulling "our enthusiasm to learn a new language," it boosts it and gives it an even more powerful motivation! Because from the first contact, you can directly discuss, as in your native language, and get into the heart of the exchange: How do you say that regular expression, do you know this cultural idiom from my country, etc. More we discuss, and more our thirst for culture on the other becomes exponential :)

A world that communicates better in his diverse cultures becomes a more peaceful world ...


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Fake letter (about animals sentience) to progress in English

04/01/2018 - 16:15 | Tchil

Someone can correct my text ?

I am a biology student and I have seen your video yesterday about your pet shop. I am very chock by what I heard.

Indeed, when we listen you, we feel that animals are simple object that we can buy easily like we buy a bread. It is not normal. Moreover, you sell a pet to someone without advice whereas in the most cases, this person never had pet in its life.

This problem is just a minor problem compare with ma second part. Indeed, even if you become very conscientious, you give a lot of advices, you talk about animals like you talk a human etc… It is not enough.  Firstly, pet shop should not have any cats or dogs because the space is too small for them! Secondly, I think, the seller should be able to refuse to sell an animal to someone. It is not normal that the seller can not refuse to sell whereas it is a person who do not care about animal (for any reason). Even if it is a person who is nice with animals, I think it is essential that this person be informed before buy it. Indeed, too many people buy a pet because it is cute but one month later, they sell it or abandon…

To resolve these problems, we have to do something. Firstly, I think every owner should be learn all main information about the animal he wants before buy it. Secondly, the space for cat or dog must be increase in pet shop.

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Where has my English skill gone?

04/01/2018 - 16:15 | Yuucaaa

About 20 years ago, I tried very hard to use English as much as I can everyday during my stay in Canada for three months.  I took a few English lessons almost everyday, and hung out a lot with non-Japanese people in order to avoid from speaking in Japanese, my mother tongue.  I listened to news and dramas in English so much that my ears got confused:  I even felt as if I heard English when I actually heard Japanese people having conversations.

After three months, I felt very comfortable and confident in speaking English.  I stupidly thought  I finally managed to master English, and would no longer have to suffer from learning it.  However, I realized how stupid I was.  Even though I kept going to an English conversation school in order to maintain my English skill twice or three times a week after coming back to Japan, I could see I got lost it very quickly.  It reminded me of "Flowers for Algernon."  In this story, a young man who had had a low IQ became genius after having an operation. However, after some periods, his IQ was getting back. It was really cruel for him to see that.  I felt fear and despair as he did while the similar things was happening to me.

 I've been learning English on and off since then, but I still can't feel as comfortable as I did at that time when I used English.  It's like completely gone like fat seems disappear after losing some weight.

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all and whole..when and how can i use it?

03/30/2018 - 22:30 | espanolhablante

hi everybody  around  the  world, I  just want to  ask  you,  this  only  question,  in  which  cases can  i use whole  and  all?

thanks  a  lot   for  your  help


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