Kat DeLuna

09/17/2017 - 13:49 | Betancourt.S2526

Ella se llama Kat DeLuna. Ella tiene veintinueve anos. Kat DeLuna es una cantante. Ella es de Republica Dominicana. Ella vives en Nueva York, NY. Ella tienes dos nacionalidades. Las nacionalidades de ella son la Dominicana y la Norte Americana. Ella es baja, bonita y rubia. Ella canta musica pop y r&b. A ella le gusta escribir musica. Ella trabaja con Elephant Man, Busta Rhymes, Don Omar, Trey Songz, Akon, Jeremih, y Onassis. Ella escribe su musica. Ella canta en Ingles y en Espanol. Si yo entiendo su musica.


Your Original Sentence: Ella se llama es Kat DeLuna.

Feedback: Ella se llama Kat DeLuna.

Analysis: I applied this correction because there is no need for the “es” in this sentence. I know this because os the notes I took in class.


Your Original Sentence: Ella tiene veintinueve.

Feedback: Ella tiene veintinueve anos.

Analysis: I applied this correction because you need to put anos at the end of the sentence so people know what she has 29 of. I know this because of the notes I took during class.


Your Original Sentence: Kat DeLuna es un cantante.

Feedback: Kat DeLuna es una cantante.

Analysis: I applied this correction because I am speaking about a woman so “un” should be in the feminine form “una”. I checked with for the correct form.


Your Original Sentence: Ella tienes dos nacionalidades.

Feedback: Ella tienes (posee) dos nacionalidades.

Analysis: I did not apply this correction because “tienes” means to have. I confirmed this with my class notes.


Your Original Sentence: La nacionalidades de ella es Dominicana y otra es Norte Americana.

Feedback: Las nacionalidades de ella es son la Dominicana y la Norte Americana.

Analysis: I applied these corrections to my sentence because las should be used since I am speaking about two different nationalities. I confirmed this with and my class notes.


Your Original Sentence: Ella es baja y, bonita y rubio.

Feedback: Ella es baja, bonita y rubia.

Analysis: I applied these corrections by removing the y between baja and bonita because it is not needed when making a list. the comma is put there in place of the y. I confirmed this with the knowloge I already have with the English language.


Your Original Sentence: Ella canta la musica pop y r&b.

Feedback: Ella canta musica pop y r&b.

Analysis: I applied this correction because I confirmed with my class notes and that la is not used to describe music.


Your Original Sentence: Ella gusta escribir musica.

Feedback: A ella le gusta escribir musica.

Analysis: I applied these corrections because I confirmed with and my bright spaces notes that using A Le gusta is the correct form for saying someone likes something in Spanish.


Your Original Sentence: Ella escribe su Musica.

Feedback: Ella escribe su musica.

Analysis: I applied this correction because you do not need to capitalize musica at the end of a sentence.


Your Original Sentence: Ella canta en Ingles y Espanol.

Feedback: Ella canta en Ingles y en Espanol.

Analysis: I applied this correction because I am saying she sings in English and in Spanish. They are to separate things.


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   Mi artista favorito Artista Juan esteban Aristizábal  Vásquez.

09/14/2017 - 21:51 | FordJ

Mi artista favorito es Juan Esteban Aristizábal  Vásquez. Juan es  de Medellin, Colombia.El Toca música Colombiana.  Juan canta y sabe tocar la guitarra. El Trabajada con s  us amigos Andres Garcia, Fernando Tobón y Jose David Lopera. Juan El escribe su propia música.  Entiendo su música un poquito.

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my blog

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Mi familia

09/11/2017 - 23:08 | Bracero.C

tengo un esposo se llama Jonathan lo llamo Jon

el ama a Dios y Jon es hermoso

el es Puertorriqueño

vive en Filadelfia

el tiene 27 anos


  tengo una hija

 se llama Felicity 

Felicity es la primera nana en el lado de la familia de me esposo 

ella es puertorriquena

vive en Filadelfia  

ella tiene 2 anos 


tendo dos hijos uno se llama Jonathan  el otro se llama Ayden 

lo llamo Jon jr tiene 5 anos a Jon jr le gusta ver la television y el futbol

Ayden tiene 4 anos a el gusta jugar la bateria y la pantomima 

Jon jr y Ayden se llevan 11 meses de disancia 

son puertorrquienos 

viven en Filadelfia 


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09/11/2017 - 16:23 | Tawanda92

Mercedes Sosa vivió en Argentina y Europa. Mercedes es de San Miguel de Tucumán y su esposo es Manuel Óscar Matus, del tuvo un hijo. La nacionalidad de mercedes es argentina. Mercedes es famosa por ser una cantante argentina cuya musica habla  sobre la lucha por la justicia económica y política. Mercedes murió a los 74 años en 2009. 

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Creating an online vocabulary list

09/11/2017 - 11:14 | bryantt

Probably the first challenge every language learner faces is vocabulary.  Every day we encounter new words, and we need a method to keep track and practice.  The traditional way to do this is to write down each word along with its definition.  Maybe we do this on actual notecards, or maybe we use something like Quizlet.  Whether physical or digital, the process is pretty much the same:

  1. Find new word
  2. Look up new word in dictionary
  3. Write word and dictionary definition
  4. Practice by quizzing ourselves

The problem is that this can be quite time consuming.  This is particularly true at the beginning when when learners may be encountering new words every sentence.

I used to use a service called,  It had a Chrome plugin, and when you double clicked a word, it would give you a Google translation and add it to your word list.  It wasn't perfect.  Google translate was accurate maybe 90% percent of the time.  If it wasn't correct, I would have to look up the correct definition and edit it in my word list.  Still, it wasn't bad, but unfortunately their service has disappeared.

I have come up with two alternative options, and fortunately they both seem to be better than  The first is very close to the now dead  Readlang is also a free plugin for Chrome that will let you click on words you don't know, a translation is then provided and placed into your list of flashcards to practice later.  The basic plugin is free.  If you want to translate phrases instead of just single words, they offer a premium version.

The second option is to use  They provided an excellent dictionary, so when you look up words you get full definitions along with example sentences.  Especially for intermediate and advanced learners, this is a key advantage.  To create a vocabulary list, you'll need to create an account (it's free), and then you'll see an option in the left menu after you look up a word to save your history.

WordReference Screenshot

Click that View All link, and you'll have a running list of your words.  The key advantage to this approach is the full dictionary definition as opposed to just a Google translate.  On the negative side, it doesn't build flashcards, so you'll just have to test yourself from the list.  Also, the vocabulary list is saved by device, not your login.  So if you look up words on a phone and a computer, you'll have two different lists.  Finally, they do have a Chrome plugin to simply look up words.  By default, you have to type the word, though.  If you want the convenience of simply double clicking (available in the options after you install the plugin), they charge, albeit a most $1.99.

Hope this helps.  Good luck with your language learning. 


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09/11/2017 - 07:13 | Miga

If  you have  any idea ,please contact with me ,thanks ~

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life-long learning.

09/11/2017 - 07:10 | Miga

english ,German, spanish, Japan, and so on. come on!

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Mi Artista Juan esteban Aristizábal Vásquez

09/01/2017 - 17:52 | FordJ

Mi artista es Juan Esteban Aristizábal  Vásquez. Juna es  de Medellin, Colombia. El hance música Colombiana.  Juan Canta y sobe tocar la guitarra. El trabajada con amigo Andres Garcia, Fernando Tobón y Jose David Lopera. Juan El escribe su propia música.  Entiendo su música un poquito


Aquí hay un enlace a su música



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Free resources from the U.S. Language Institute

08/31/2017 - 10:09 | bryantt

Free language content from the U.S. Institute of Languages. It's a bit dated, as you can tell if you click on the blog for each language, but they have quality structured courses for seven of the languages. I'd suggest you start there.

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