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If you are a professional teacher, meaning you already have a class of students, and would like to connect them with native speakers, send me an email to 

How to have a successful language exchange

Let's talk

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In my last post, I wrote about how to find a language partner.  Hopefully that went well, you've contacted some people on the Mixxer and have agreed on days and times to meet on Skype.  What now?

I amsterdam!

My husband is currently staying Amsterdam. The other day, he took the photo, The National Museum (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam) and sent me it. The monument in front of there is written, "I amsterdam". It is interesting! He told me that he was busy on the day so he wasn't able to visit the Museum. It seemed hot day in Amsterdam.

Táctica y Estrategia - Traducción al INGLÉS

Encontré esta traducción de mi poema favorito. Cómo la ven??  laugh

Tactic and Strategyheart

Táctica y Estrategia - Traducción al INGLÉS

Encontré esta traducción de mi poema favorito. Cómo la ven?? 🤔

Tactic and Strategy

My tactics is to watch you,

to learn how you are,

to love you the way you are.

Chapter six Another one

The time was as fast as an arrow. Soon spring was coming. The beautiful flowers were opening. The plants were growing. The parrot Molly was more beautiful than before.

One day in spring, Molly was flying in the big cage. Grace opened the gate and the window of her home. Then, Molly flew out and disappears into the blue sky. That night, Molly flew into the house with another parrot.


Enterprises from overseas such as Japan have one after another started their business in Vietnam. It appears to largely have something to do with a resource of Vietnamese creating things with their utilizing ideas.



Impacts assessment tools

Analysis of the tools by the Generic 5 Level framework


In this section, the review of the tools was conducted in order to answer the RQ1 and to understand the function of the tools for the Inclusive Business. What follows is the discussion about the actual function of the tools and the tools goals in relation to Inclusive Business.