Does anyone want to practice Spanish in exchange for French or Persian?

11/21/2017 - 12:51 | Neem Saj


Hello All,


I have been in the mixxer for quite a bit now, but unfortunately haven't heard of anyone yet, though I have sent various invitations around, friendship requests, I believe. Well, I am a native Spanish tutor, living in Toronto, but I also enjoy writing and dancing. 

I would love to meet some of you guys, to converse in Spanish and in other languages, so that we can derive a mutually beneficial time together. I have always thought that classrooms are rather boring places to learn another language, that the best place to learn is amid the real people, or those who are really interested in the topic. It's about finding a comfortable context, and what is more comfy than your own home? 

This is a great opportunity to learn and keep up with the new challenges of a multicultural, poliglot world. I would love to invite all of you to become friends and start learning from each other!!  wink

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Über mich

11/21/2017 - 11:35 | nathaliagoes



Wie geht's dir?


Ich bin Nathália Góes und ich bin Philosophie Studentin.


Ich möchte lernen Sprache Deutsch, weil ich habe interesse als Philosophen Deutschen und die Sprache ist viele schön.

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11/19/2017 - 15:49 | CintafromSpain

I I just recently started here in Mixxer. My name is Cinta, I am 31 and I am a teacher. One colleague recommended me this place, which is why I am here right now. I would like to meet other teachers out there who are interested in a linguistic exchange, and I wouldn't mind participating in one. I would also like finding good Skype partners with whom to learn and enrich my English (and Japanese too, if possible) and to whom I can teach Spanish. And at a personal level, I would love to meet people related with art or the animation industry too, which has been a like of mine for a long time. 

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11/17/2017 - 22:16 | Kogmax_jp

今日、Mixxerに登録した。基本的には日本語と英語の言語交換をしたいが、その他の言語にも興味がある。たとえば、ヨーロッパ系のならば、イタリア語、フランス語、スペイン語、ドイツ語、アジア系ならばミャンマー語、タイ語、中国語、韓国語などだ。最初は簡単で実用的な表現やあいさつと発音の勉強がしたい。日本語は地域の在日外国人生活者と一緒に日本語を勉強するボランティアしている。日本語を教える活動は1980年代半ばからやっているが、いまだにわからないことだらけで外国人学習者の質問に四苦八苦している。しかし、そうした質問こそが良い学びを与えてくれている。一見、私たちは母語話者であるがゆえに「教えられる」ような錯覚をしているが、実は母語について使えるというだけで何も知らないことが多い。教えてくれているのはむしろ日本語を学習している方々のほうで、私たちはそれを真摯に受け取り、学び、それを彼らにフィードバックしなければならない。単にフィードバックするのではなく、わかりやすく学習者が使えるようにするのがミッションだと思っている。 ここでも言語交換を通してそのようなつながりや一緒に学習できる仲間ができたら嬉しい限りだ。

I become a member of Mixxer today. Mainly, I'd like to study Japanese together with people who want to study and use their Japanese seriously. I'm interested in many languages, for example Italian, French, Spanish, German and some Asian languages. First of all, I start from easy and handy phrases and pronunciation in each languages.

Regarding Japanese teaching, I've started to teach Japanese as a volunteer since 1984, but there are so many unknown things about Japanese even for a native Japanese. The learners give me many kinds of question of Japanese and I often mix up and can not answer them at once. I always wonder if we don't know much about our mother tongue and we only get used to it, that's all. The learners are the great teachers for me. They ask me, and I struggle to find the answer against them. That's a nice study for us. In addition to it, we have to explain it to them very easily. This is also very hard but good training. I'd like to meet people who are eager to studying Japanese and languages here and exchange and share the ideas and opinions together. I'm looking forward to it! Let's talk and use your Japanese and share the languages here.

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11/14/2017 - 07:52 | nikta
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Practice Pronunciation with NetProf (free)

11/13/2017 - 10:44 | bryantt

I've added a new resource to Open Education Resouces page, NetProf.  You can see the languages it supports on the main page, MSA is Modern Standard Arabic. It's free and created by the Defense Language Institute and MIT. 

The core of the software lets you choose a word from your target language.  It then compares your pronunciation with a native speaker.  The helpful part is that it breaks the word or phrase into parts.  Any section where you see red is considered inaccurate.  It also gives you an overall score.  While this all looks very scientific, and it gives you a percentage number, consider the feedback as a general guide. 

Once you create a free account and choose your language, you can then search for a word or choose from the list.  First play their sample of the word, then Record just below.  Note, it's a bit unusual that you hold down the Record button while you speak and then release when you're finished.  You can then play your recording, play the original native speaker again, and examine your score.

NetProf recording

On the positive site, I noticed that it found sounds that I and most non-native speakers have trouble in German.  For example, the "ü" sound does not exist in English, and you can see where I had some trouble.  This isn't by any means 100% accurate, though, so take it as a general guide.  I have a fairly neutral U.S. accent, and I still had some red marks when comparing English.

They also have a vocabulary practice section.  You need to create a New List first.  Once you do so, can click the other button to Add to List.  When it's time to practice, you'll see the button above for Study lists.  Once you're in your list, you can either choose Learn Pronunciation or Audio Vocabulary Practice.  Somewhat oddly for vocabulary practice, it shows the the translation.

NetProf Vocabulary


There's more information under the Analysis tab, but these two parts are the most likely to be useful for language learner.  I found this site via a review in FLTMag, head there for a more thorough review and comparison with Forvu, an app with a similar function.




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介绍 (introduction)

11/12/2017 - 16:05 | ameliecastonguay

我叫顾梅。我有十四岁。我是加拿大人。 我会说法语,英语。我学习中文。 我想会读汉字为什么我三月要去中国。


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What do you know about Japanese culture?

11/09/2017 - 09:10 | Osato

Hello world!! Usually I'm relax and easy.
But most Japanese people are workerholic.
They thinking about tomorrow job, big salary and more.
All most worker holic people are negative thinking.

What do you think about that?
And where you are from about?

Thank you:)

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next stop, Ecuador

11/05/2017 - 05:19 | bibiza01

Sometimes I feel so stupid, I can't speak as fast as I want, it is so frustratig for me! But life is this, cotinuous learning. Now I need to do a presentation in English about a touristic topic, I chose "10 days-trip in Ecuador". As Next February I'm going to travel to my country (Ecuador) I though that it would be a nice way to prepare my own trip, but there are a large number or places to visiting and I have only two months, because I need to come back to Spain to do my last exam of University. Yes! In 2018 will end my degree, although I will have to continue learning English and Germany. 

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Bonjour belle et beau!

11/03/2017 - 10:25 | Neem Saj


a tous ce que je considere comme de belle personne, mais je vous connaise pas. C `es ne pas important. Peut-etre que je vais a vous renctrontrer ice. ( je utilize google translate pour ecrire ) :) .  Je suis de Barcelona, mais j`habite au Canada. 

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