01/18/2018 - 12:05 | VortexOfIndustry

日本語では、「俺」がいいですか? 「俺」で書きますがいいですか?


Is it ok to use 俺 in Japanese? Is it ok to use 俺 when writing?





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2nd Day

01/17/2018 - 19:42 | nick.neu

French Plurals- most adj and nouns often end in -s; these s' are silent

Pronoun conjugations with plural verb (Parler)

Je Parle

Tu Parles

Il Parle

Elle Parle

Nous Parleons

Vous Parlez

Ils Parlent

Elles Parlent

Usage of tu & vous

tu- singular and to be used around those you're familiar with

vous- formal usage

Pronoun, adjectives, articles agreement:

All three must agree with their nouns in both gender and number

Masculine Singular: Le Chat Noir

Masculine Plural: Les chats noirs

Femme singular: La robe noire

Femme plural: Les robes noires

Continuous tenses: 

French has no specialized continuous verb tenses unlike english. However to express something that is continuous you should use Idomatic phrase 'etre en train de' - I am in the process. 

L'Amour- Love is tricky in french language. Verb Aimer = Love, but adding an adverb to it expresses a different meaning. Amier bein translates to 'to like' 

Conjugations of Eres

Je - Suis = je suis

Tu - es = tu es

Il - est = Il est

Elle - ? = elle 

Nous- sommes= nous sommes

Vous - etes = vous etes 

ils/elles - sont = ils sont

Avior - to Have 

Je - Ai = J'ai (elision)

Tu - as = tu as

Il/elle - a = elle a

nous - avons = nous avons

vous - avez = vous avez

ils/elles - ont = ils ont


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I'm looking for study English SKYPE partner

01/17/2018 - 14:05 | 8

I am a Japanese 40 years old woman.

I am looking for language exchanges partner born and live in real  English country peaplo.

I want to know the European story of the  grammar and an accent and culture of the Medieval Europe.

And I like comic and Anime. If you want to read fav comic, I can read and lesson to you.

I live in Tokyo and I draw Doujinsi and participate in comic market. If you are MANGA OTAKU, maybe same hobby.

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1st day

01/16/2018 - 22:09 | nick.neu

Went over Grammatical Genders (Male/Female)

Pronoun table je/tu-vous/il/elle

conjugation tables

definite article, indefinite article, partitive article

Elisions -le/la becoming l' (l'homme)

Words begining with H


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I’m a Visual Learner

01/15/2018 - 19:31 | bryantt

Visual Learning

Me, too!  Come to think of it, have you ever heard someone say they were anything except a visual learner?  I have not, and it turns out for good reason.  While we all can agree that everyone learns differently, there isn’t any scientific evidence that we can be grouped into “styles” that focus on one of the five senses. (1)   This isn’t to say we shouldn’t try to use images, video, sounds, and music in our teaching and learning, rather we should consider the content and goal of the lesson.  

For example, research has shown that we are better able to remember vocabulary when we associate a new word with an image. (2)  With some words, it may not always be possible to create vocabulary lists with each word corresponding to an image that clearly defines the word.  However, as learners, it is helpful to associate even abstract words with an image, although they may be just our own.  Educators have also found music useful to introduce culture into their lessons and to keep students engaged and motivated. (3)  Language learning is a time intensive activity.  Any opportunity we can find that encourages learners to listen in the target language outside of class is extremely valuable.   Finally, many teachers may have heard of the Total Physical Response, or TPR method of teaching.  Most teachers have done some form of TPR when introducing the imperative or command tense for example, “sit down”, “open the book”, etc.  Students demonstrate their understanding of the commands by responding physically following the command.

All of this is to say the most effective approach, and in my opinion also the most enjoyable, is to engage the language in all of its forms.  As we communicate with others, listen to the radio, read books or online texts, and watch our favorite movies, we’ll be experiencing the language in a variety of ways, and more importantly, learning about different cultures while practicing reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the target language.

Todd Bryant

Dickinson College

Mixxer Admin


1. https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-09-17/consider-yourself-visual-or-auditory-learner-turns-out-there-s-not-much-science?mc_cid=3539c2887e&mc_eid=ac4503e81f

2. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1540-4781.1996.tb01159.x/full
3. https://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED355796

Image from Flickr, US Embassy Bolivia https://www.flickr.com/photos/usembassybolivia/ 

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You want to improve your spanish? você procura melhorar seu espanhol?

01/12/2018 - 12:10 | Victor12

Hello everyone, my name is Victor, i´m from Panama. If you really are looking for a linguistic partner contact me!

Olá galera, se voces realmente procuran um companhero para aprender espanhol me escriven!

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I'm in Wuhan,and you?

01/11/2018 - 00:17 | SNOW-K

If you want to learn chinese or want to visit Wuhan,welcoe to contact me.I'm a student in Wuhan and I'm willing to be your guide.
I always want to make a foreign friend,so I will be very happy if you are in Wuhan too,it's easier to communicate with you for me.
(My English is not very good,if there are some mistakes,please correct me.Thank you~)

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Why Netflix May Be the Next Internet Revolution for Language Learning

01/08/2018 - 12:03 | bryantt

netflix logo


The internet has been a big deal for language learners since the beginning.  I remember in the mid 90’s being able to read newspapers from around the world for the first time.  It’s easy to forget, or if one is younger, not consider how revolutionary that was at a time when even finding national newspapers required a trip to the local library, assuming you were lucky enough to have one.  As bandwidth increased, we were soon listening to music and watching videos from around the world.  For teachers, this meant an emphasis on “authentic language materials”.  No longer were we bound to the painfully bad dialogues that came on CDs or cassettes with the textbook.

Then came “Web 2.0”.  Photo-sharing sites like Flickr and social networking sites like MySpace and later Facebook became the largest sites on the web.  Whereas before the world wide web was a content resource for most of us, now it became a platform for communicating and sharing.  Our students could blog, leave comments, and best of all smiley, have a language exchange with another learner across the world.


I think we’re now seeing what will be the next wave for those interested in foreign languages, the ability to be able to choose your content agnostically, meaning you’ll first decide what you’d like to read, watch or hear, and then you’ll select the language.  Some of this is still a little ways off from being practical with things like Google Translate for web pages and Skype’s realtime translation for conversations. With Netflix, however, this is already becoming mainstream.


Netflix has plans to become the first truly global TV station.  They’ve expanded to 190 countries and are trying to do so as rapidly as possible to compete with local competitors in each market.  At first Netflix was a purchaser of content, but this meant reaching license agreements for each owner within each market, a major hurdle in their expansion.  Increasingly, they’ve focused instead on creating their own content such as “House of Cards”, “Stranger Things”, “Orange is the New Black”, and many others.  It only makes sense for them to make this content available in as many languages as possible.  This also means there is likely to be an increase in competition.  Although streaming services from Amazon and Hulu are still largely English only, already niche streaming services are appearing including Pantaya for Spanish language movies.


If you have Netflix  and are learning a new language, it’s an incredible resource.  When you start any of these shows, you’ll notice an icon in the bottom right that allows you to choose the language of both the audio and subtitles.  If you’re a beginner, maybe you’ll want to keep one in your native language or even toggle the subtitles on and off.  More advanced learners may want to have both audio and subtitles in the language you are learning.  One word of caution, the translations of the audio and subtitles are clearly done separately, so if you miss a word in the audio, you may not see the exact same word or phrase in the subtitles even if they’re both in the same language.


Hope this helps.  If you have other online video resources you’ve used to practice your listening, leave them in the comments below.

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#3 My note for Wild strawberry (Smultronstället) - directed by Ingmar Bergmans

01/08/2018 - 11:56 | thuykobo


There is the fact that Bergmans himself wrote this script when he was hospitalized, perhaps it explained why thoughts of death and meaning of existence haunted the protagonist in this film.

For me, this work is more of a diary of an aged dying man rather than a movie. The work reveals how the stream of consciousness mixed with unconsciousness as the protagonist, Professor Isak Borg has weird dreams during the day he travels to receives his honorary degree.

The film opens with the confession of the storyteller that he wants to withdraw from all the so-called relations as he thinks relying on human’s behavior no longer makes sense to him. Following it is a series of peculiar events which started with a bizarre dream. In Isak’s dream, he is lost in the empty street among ruined house, just before he is frightened by the corpse who has his face. After waking up, he rushed for leaving the house and starting his journey.

And not quite relevant but I am not a fan of this film, Kubrick and Tarkovsky are.

I do enjoy the part when Sara, the girl in the present with curly short hair, jumps into the journey of Isak and his daughter in law. Present-Sare makes the scene so lively as she conveys her honest feeling about her two boyfriends, and how she and her friends express their love for the old professor with flowers and goodbye. But I do not appreciate this film much as I think it’s boring. I am not particularly lost for the scenes but I am not into this kind of self-exploration, it feels like I am watching masturbation.

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I am looking for Russian or English native speaker

12/25/2017 - 16:27 | karm

I don't know why I can't make any change on the comments of my profile, so if possible I update it here. Maybe people interested in learning Chinese will find it here. Now, I am trying to learn Russian and improve my English. For Russian, I am really just a beginner; I need some help on spelling words and making basic conversation. For English, I am working on building a better vocabulary. 

If you want to learn Chinese, I highly recommend you to download Wechat on your phone, a Chinese chatting App. You will have a better chance to meet more Chinese people there, comparing to Skype. I miss Skype message and forget password all the time, for no Chinese friend using it. If you are ready and serious about learning Chinese, feel free to send me a message, and I will send you my Wechat account. I hope we can do the language exchange maybe once or twice a week, for a steady progress.   smiley

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