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Los estudiantes de esta clase son
principiantes del segundo semestre de una universidad en Texas. Sus intereses academicos
y personales van a variar mucho y tendran entre 18 y 30 anos.

Hello Everybody!

Hi! I´m Sil and I´m from Argentina. I´ve just joined so I´ll need a bit of your help to learn to use the site correctly....

New questions for English Grammar


Hello. I have questions about English grammar.


I'm Chizuru from JAPAN and looking for a language exchange partner, not a boyfriend.

Please feel free to contact me, and I want to talk with you on Skype.

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Japanese Smiles:

In order to understand the backgrounds behind the surfaces of respective cultures,

let's exchange the impressions and opinions what you think on the differences

between  your culture and others, such as Japanese smiles, etc. in English.

Happy Post Thanksgiving! (かんしゃさいおめでとう!)

Okay, so I had just gotten through Thanksgiving and Black Friday without any major injuries...which was more than I was expecting. Usually on Thanksgiving I go to my grandma's house, where my whole family gathers for hours of eating and talking. (Plus, my nana is one of the BEST bakers and cooks in the family, even though she's blind) However, this year I got two dinners for the price of one since my mom ended up convincing me to go to Golden Corral earlier in the day so that we could eat with her side of the family.

Getting ready to Edinburgh

The next weekend im travelling to Edinburg. I´ll stay there for only 3 days so i´ll have to be fast visiting the city.

There are some friends of mine who have been living in Edinburgh for a few years, besides, they still  living there so i´ll have free touristic guides.

The trip seems to be very nice, but i think i´ll find two problems:

-The weather is not as good as in Spain

-My engilsh isn´t good enought (from my point of view)


Questions for English grammar

  I need a help to understand English sentences and it is not sure whether they are correct or not.

 Please check and give me if you do not mind.

 I do not care how many advices you give me even if it is a few and just tell me answers if you do not have much time to explain it.

Thank you so so so  so much.  Tell me when you have any question as to Japanese. 


arabic man

how are you all

im ali from egypt, im native arabic and id like to improve and practice my english language

with someone who wanna practice arabic

feel free to contact me

my skype id is


wanna learn....!

well folks, was on a website and the guy recommended this place for trying to learn languages. So i thought i would give it a try........

have travelled around the world so been to quite a few places but always have the mindset of being crap at the local lingo!!

So if people are out there and willing to help me i would be grateful!

So the journey begins (cue the music whoooeeee oooeeee...!)