Do you know how important is  the classroom management and motivation in teaching-learning process? It seems that both should be present in a primary classroom if your aim is students learn to use English language to communicate amongst themselves. A teacher should be able to use different strategies to convey their lesson effectively. Therefore, it is important that a teacher has received a good training and knows how to choose the appropriate tools to apply in a class.

A very cheapskate grandpa!

Some days ago, I found an article and now I'm going to tell you about it.

It's about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. J.P.Getty (the patriarch) was the richest person in 1957 according to Forbes. He racked up millions in oil business but he also had the reputation of being a very cheapskate person.

Introduction of an essay

Art of life

 God created us in this life not only to eat , drink and sleep ! he created us to live it ,to enjoy by what he gaves us and to coexist with every creature at this earth in peace . That doesn't mean the life is free from difficulties , no it's full of complication . so we have to live with its hard side as we live with its easy side , that's what called  the art of life .


hi. I partake in conference a but magazine.lectuer says the paper magazine is not suffice in the social today ,and people must read electronic magazine.

Essay: Methods to limit the use of cars

What methods could local authorities use to limit the use of cars?


Role play: What do we have to do with conterfeit goods?

Should the good be donated or destroyed?


I think that it can be a good idea to donate those counterfeit goods to charitable associations which help people in the need. These people could have nice clothes for free for example. This donation can also be green, because it avoid wastage.


Have you ever wondered yourself about the life's meaning? What do you think it is?

Essay: are government responsible for child obesity?