Agree or disagree? Parents are the best teachers

improve English

i need a good strategy to improve my english as soon as possiable , please i do really need to get  good job .

The bribery


In my country it says that you can fix almost any problem only by pronouncing three magic words“¿CÓMO PODEMOS ARREGLAR?”

In English it means literally “How can we fix?”, but the real meaning is “How can we agree?”

It makes reference to a bribery.


Making appointment

Hi Dean Martin,

A short story telling

The night was dark, hot and wet. Not one was outside, neither a dog. The man, dressed ridicoulsly with a long coat bottom the knees, a hat and dark glasses, walked sneaky, like he was wanting to be invisible ... hidden into the shadows.

He approached the house, took a sight all around and knocked on the door shy, to not be heard.

Geminids meteor shower

A couple of days ago, I went to the park to watch Geminids meteor shower.

I could watch about 10 shooting stars in an hour.

Actually, I want to watch more but I went home because it was too cold.




Poverty and Inclusive Businesses (IB)

One of the ways to fight against poverty is through businesses. Several private sectors, institutions, and governments are interested in alleviating poverty through innovative business models. These organizations are aware that is possible bring together business and social development (Karnani 2007).


Poverty was one of the major social problems of the twentieth century and is persisting in the twenty-first century, caused by human unsustainable behaviour (Wagle 2002). Despite of living in an abundant planet full of resources, humans haven’t been able to meet all human needs. There are 1.3 billion people are living in extreme poverty globally (Besley and Burgess 2003).