how i got into languages

to learn

To learn English for me is wonderful. I like the language, reading books, watching movies and listening to music a lot.

I would like to travel to news countries and make new freiends.

In the mountain, in the mountains, on the mountain and on the mountains

I'm not sure these differences among "in the mountain", "in the mountains", "on the mountain" and "on the mountains".
How do you use them? Could you give me some example sentences? Thanks!

Part 2 ( A School day? )

Indirect question

We would like to know if the article can be submitted in Spanish and, in case of be accepted, how is the process of translation into English, given that the article should be only published in English.


Who I am with you


I am someone who doesn’t know how to act when is with you.   

I fell myself insecure, I don’t know how you are going to act. And I feel than I have to take care of each word than I say, so I am afraid.

I am someone who always needs to be fighting with you for nothing.

Chapter ten An unusual day

Grace called quietly, “Kayla! Kayla! ”

“What is going on?” asked Kayla.

“A wolf is walking to the sheep! Look!”

USA Cancer

Temporal and spatial delimitation.

This study is located in the United States during the period that goes from 2010 to 2017, because since 2010 there is a considerable improvement in the rate of deaths in the United States.  The results of the new treatments and medicines are beginning to be notable.


Contextualization of the problem.