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The International Language Institute and its sub-centers will promote language learning process: first language, indigenous language, sign language, and foreign languages. This will be done taking into account the needs and interests of the university community, as well as the needs and interest of the local, regional, national, and international environments. This promotion is developed through academic excellence and pedagogical and technological innovations.

some phrases 2 italian/english


  are these phrases correct?

Snowboarding in 2018

 I went snowboarding with my friends which was first time in this season. It was about two yeas ago since I last did. I think I would like to go more frequently, at least once in a year, though.

 The weather was sunny on the day, and there was a few people on the piste more than average, so I could be slipping with pleasant feeling.

I'd rather: rewrite these sentences beginning with I'd rather...

1.   Please don’t say anything to anyone.
I’d rather you didn’t say anything to anyone.

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How are you

I am a Brazilian man. Was able to attend a good school. Want someone to correct me when i write. I appreciate communicating foreign people.