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Submitted by Danyel on Втр, 09/27/2016 - 09:46

Hello ,I speak Romanian and I am looking to find a person who speak english and I can help with your romanian.

Português para negócios

Submitted by Erinaldo on Втр, 08/13/2013 - 17:24

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Em função da globalização cresce a importancia do conhecimento de outras linguas no ramo do comércio, recentemente o Brasil adotou o modelo de contabilidade Britânico o que trouxe pequenas modificações no padrão da contabilidade brasileira.  Sabemos que o padrão Americano é outro dai a sugestão para discussão desta matéria.  Caso tenha interesse de saber como isto funciona aqui no Brasil entre em contato tenho certeza que será muito útil para sua vida profissional. 

No aguardo. 




Fifa - Formation, probably the most essential task

Submitted by suzanneca on Сб, 02/16/2013 - 08:47

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What is the greatest video game? If You are speaking about what kind I should say sport because I love It that why I enjoy write about It, It's really comforting. You maybe should be thinking something like, It isn't so important the only point is good players in that case you are complete wrong. How many formations did you tried?, if your answer is I don't know that means you should read It. -You will know what players fits your Team. Some player could look good for your Team but may It isn't as good as you though.

Are you thinking that there’s no point in reading this? There’s a tiny sacrifice in reading all this, but there’s also a huge reward. , The decision is completely yours. Have you thought about how close to victory you were? As close as just clicking, reading and winning. You are going to learn a lot about formations now The path to glory has just started (sounds epic, doesn’t it?). , Keep on reading, this is just getting started.

No more introductions, let’s get into the subject and you’ll soon be winning every single match you play. We want to start with some formation we usually use and We like so much. Do you have any idea about formation? If you have some idea we will love If you can tell us more about formation, remember We love fifa and we love win matches and tournaments not just play.

You know that Fifa Ultimate Team have many thing to speak about but We are going to focus our effort in formations. Somehow you are still reading this, that’s good, be sure you are going to improve your team and your gaming style in Fifa. It’s time to scroll down and learn more about formations. There is nothing wrong in thinking that formations are useless, the important fact is that you are here to learn why you were wrong, because when you finish this article You are going to know more about formations.

5-2-1-2 - It is a formation that many people use I don't know why because in my opinion It not so good, Enemies can break easily the middle of your field.The following formation is very useful if you need to defense your football field of the rival of course allways It will depend of your skills.

4-4-2 - One of the best formation to begin in Fifa Ultimate Team you won't need many skills if you played in singler player against the Xbox, ps3 or Pc, you can use It in any circumstance.

I think you learnt a lot today about Fifa Ultimate Team and formation so just o finish we are going to give you some short tips. Remember when you go to buy some player always It should have the same formation that your other players, in other case you couldn't have a good team. Of course if you want more information don't doutb a visit our web site you really are going to love It, we have a lot of stuff that can help you. What can I say when there is no words to tell of pleased I feel, just follow our blogs and keep learning..

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