Hallo, dear Russian-learners! 

Today I'm going to write you a bit about tricky points of russian cursive. 

Well, firstly...





Don't be afraid! This is really easy to understand and it comes with your language experience.

Let's look at cursive of "л","и", "ш",  "е"





So, you see that the combination of "ши", "ли", "шиш", "лш" can make you confused! 

Well, there's one assignment for you! Can you guess what are this words and what do they mean? Please, write your answer either in the comments or via private mail!


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In fact, these words are barely decipherable for russians either. A good cursive would have an underline below "ш".

Only students of USSR's schools will underline "ш". Young generation write this one without any marks. 

I'm native russian speaker, understand this words without labour.

me too, but I'm not :D

Легко прочитать,  просто понять:
Лилии - Lily (many).
Дымить - smoke.
Дышишь - breathe (you)
Лишиться - lose (something)
Слышишь - hear (you)
Шиншиллы - chinchillas
Ишемия - ischemia
И да, нам не обязательно подчеркивать "ш" чтобы понять слово.

Oh man .. it looks difficult. But I'll have to study this to learn something.

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