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Tell about a recent interview

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Submitted by Fredyfloyd on Пнд, 09/11/2017 - 12:08

During this weeks I have been doing some job interviews for getting a new job. But, I would like to say something about the last one I had. My last interview took around half hour, pretty short, right?. It was easy for me to arrived at the local interview on time, in fact, the place was really close to my house. So, I took the bus and It was a 20 minutes commute, I had no problem to find the proper bus. Once I arrived at the interview, I realize that I was the first one, so I sat and waited. While I was sitting waiting for the interviewer I realize that time after time, people had been arriving, so after half hour, the room was completely full of people, around 10 candidates were waiting for the interview. However, I noticed something peculiar about these people clothes, they were not wearing a formal suit. Then, the interviewer called my name and told me that my interview had been postponed for the next week and he had sent an email the night before. In conclusion, I don't know if this is a proper interview, but sure, it was the last frustrated interview I had.

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