When I decided to practice my listening in English, I had some trouble finding an efficient way to do that. I tried watching series, but that didn’t work for me. Then I found TED.com, a website where you can find videos about practically any subject and, since they’re all “TED Talks”, the person giving the talk must speak clearly, what makes it much easier for English learners to understand. I’ve never found a TED Talk longer than 22-23 minutes.

If you’re an English learner, give it a try.

Specially, if you’re a student (or have already finished your studies), there are lots of TED Talks whose content might help you to keep yourself up to date with your area of study.

Note: Most TED Talks have subtitles in many different languages.  


I guess if you watch TED talks with subtitles in English first and then without it, that makes good exercise! 

I also enjoy watching Netflix with the same method.

Happy Learning!

i tried. thanks! i should be really careful choosing a lecture next time, though. i had to switch off one just because that one sounded disgusting for me. but the other one was really inspiring and simply good.

I try to watch my favorite films with subtitles. It's very funy. Do you try to do the same? 


I've noticed that animation movies are way easier to understand than comedies, romances, and so on.

I started watching animations without subtitles so I had to push myself harder to understand what the characters were saying. If I got stuck (I mean if I didn't understand something) I turned the subs on just to check what was being said.

After some time watching animations without subs, I've been trying watching other kind of movies, which have more complex dialogs, to improve my vocabulary (animations are for children so they have a very limited vocabulary).

Sometimes I watch movies based on books I've already read. This make it easier to follow the plot.


Thanks for your comment.