最近はジョギングも Running is also fun.


Hello, it has been a long time last time I wrote. I'm sorry I always said so.
毎日 何か書こう、何か書こうと思いつつ、何かと理由をつけて書いていませんでした。

To tell the truth, I had thought of writing something even a small thing every day. However I would find an excuse not to write.
Yet, as always I've been fine. 

Third Program ends in dancercise ダンササイズ3枚目が終了

先月11月の初めから始めたダンササイズ(Easy Do Dancercise)ですが、ようやく3枚目が終了しました。3枚目を含め、一通り踊れるようになりました。前回のこのブログの日記では、3枚目は難しい、踊れるかどうかわからないと書いていましたが、その後、1週間強が経ち、楽しく踊れるようになりました。体は覚えてくるもの・・・、本当に不思議です。

I have finished the last DVD in TRF's exercise program Easy Do Dancercise. I'm happy to follow most dance moves in the three-DVD set. Last time on my blog, I wrote that it was difficult to dance played on the third song. But as time passed by more than one week, now I enjoy it. It's surprising that a body will remember dance steps, not by a head.


Three weeks on Dancercise (ダンササイズ3枚目 )


It has passed some twenty days since I started the exercise program which was produced by dance unit TRF. So far, I used DVD No. 1 one day and No. 2 the other time. Today, as Monday is a first day of the week for me, I went ahead with No. 3, the last DVD.  


◆3枚目の曲は、「BOY MEETS GIRL」です。Wikipediaによると、1994年にリリースされたそうです。18年前の曲だなんて、信じれませんね。私は当時は、高校生で、J-popをたくさん聞いていた頃でした。清酒運時代の時の歌という感じでしょうか。

Visiting Uonuma Skyline with beautiful scenery (魚沼スカイライン)


Last weekend, we went for a drive to see the autumn colors with my family. We visited a sightseeing road named Uonuma Skyline, located in my Niigata prefecture, Japan. It took about a hour, using an express highway, which is also a toll road.



One week on Dancercise   ダンササイズ1週間


It has passed a week since I took up TRF's exercise DVD last Friday. On the first day I tried, I was at a loss because I couldn't follow such a fast pace. But as I have done for the past days, I get used to it, and my workout lasts for about ten to twenty minutes each time. Besides, I have additional workouts, too, which I usually do as I watch on Youtube.