After-childbirth crisis (産後クライシス) versus "Iku Men" (イクメン, mothering father)

When I watched on television while household chores as a housewife this morning, one television program took up a matter popping up among after-childbirth mothers. Just named by the broadcaster NHK as "Sango Crisis (産後クライシス, After-childbirth crisis)," they said that there are many mothers who have problems, mostly mentally, saying "Shortly after giving birth, they are going to have less affection toward their husbands." In other words, those wives think their spouses don't meet their expectation on childrearing.

Okudadami Dam --- Huge dam and pleasure boat

My family went to Okutadami Dam, one of emblematic tourist spots in our Niigata Prefecture, to get on a pleasure boat and experience a beauty of the nature around the mountains. Okutadami or 奥只見 is located on the boarder between Niigata and Fukushima prefectures. Therefore, the place name uses Kanji 奥, partly meaning a backland. There, they boast not only the huge dam but also a pleasure boat to see a whole view around the man-made lake.

September --- Long night month 長月

September has been started today. We expect summer's heat will be milder day by day. In my country Japan, besides counting each month by number, we have original different names. Although we mostly call September as what's known as "Ninth month (9月, Kugatsu)" in Japan, Nagatsuki or 長月 is one of peculiar names for September. Each Chinese character means long (長), and noon or month (月). What is etymology?

Sound of Autumn from Summer

It's going to be September in a day, as it's the end of August today. In my area in Japan, it's still hot. Almost every day is sunny and the highest temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius.

Summer vacation ends and Journey to Kagoshima

Hello, everyone. It's has been a long time since I wrote a post last time. August was kind of a busy month for me, as a mother with a school boy. There was almost no time to rest. But my elder son's elementary school started this morning (on August 30) after the summer break. In our school district, schools begin at the end of August, but when they begin nationwide differs from town to town.