2nd Day

French Plurals- most adj and nouns often end in -s; these s' are silent

Pronoun conjugations with plural verb (Parler)

Je Parle

Tu Parles

Il Parle

Elle Parle

Nous Parleons

Vous Parlez

Ils Parlent

Elles Parlent

Usage of tu & vous

tu- singular and to be used around those you're familiar with

vous- formal usage

Pronoun, adjectives, articles agreement:

All three must agree with their nouns in both gender and number

Masculine Singular: Le Chat Noir

Masculine Plural: Les chats noirs

Femme singular: La robe noire

Femme plural: Les robes noires

Continuous tenses: 

French has no specialized continuous verb tenses unlike english. However to express something that is continuous you should use Idomatic phrase 'etre en train de' - I am in the process. 

L'Amour- Love is tricky in french language. Verb Aimer = Love, but adding an adverb to it expresses a different meaning. Amier bein translates to 'to like' 

Conjugations of Eres

Je - Suis = je suis

Tu - es = tu es

Il - est = Il est

Elle - ? = elle 

Nous- sommes= nous sommes

Vous - etes = vous etes 

ils/elles - sont = ils sont

Avior - to Have 

Je - Ai = J'ai (elision)

Tu - as = tu as

Il/elle - a = elle a

nous - avons = nous avons

vous - avez = vous avez

ils/elles - ont = ils ont