correct essay

First of all, I believe that girls should be given Lego and also other intellectual different toys.

It is known that girls  do not take  science and engineering careers, but there are some studies on this approach that boys and girls are not developing the same skills.

In my opinion, it is a very good opportunity to encourage girls with such as intellectual games toys so that they feel confident in this scenario.          

Besides teachers and the whole society need to motivate and give girls this opportunity in order to have more women at the technological companies

On the other hand, girls have better results than boys at the university.

Nowadays important´s women (engineers, mathematics, for all our society are doing different visits to girls moreover they are providing 

Them a speech information speech to study those sciences degrees.

Furthermore family and teachers have a relevant role in that important point of view.

However, women do not become managers, and according to a known study, it is due to their family responsibilities.

Finally,  it is very important to involve girls with different games and also society in general.

       In Conclusion , girls can have more opportunities changes in their lives if we take part.