a god-tree

In China, a long time ago, there was a very big tree. It was so big that people
believed that it was a god taking the form of a tree. One day, a carpenter passed
by this region and heard the rumor of the tree. He came to it and saw it, and thought "This is a useless tree. It's too big to make anything."

The same night, while the carpenter was asleep, the tree-got made appearance in his dream and said "Who are you to judge me? When I was young, I decided to be useless. Useful trees are destined to die before their time, since humans cut them down
to meet humans' needs. See what happens to trees bearing fruits or those for furniture. They are cut down because they are useful. Whereas, I have attained this height for the very reason that I am totally useless. Don't judge me from a human's perspective."