Help me

Hola, I'm learning English and Spanish, can anyone help me? :) well, we just have to talk and be friends, that's how I learn languages, I'm not smart but I'm a curious person, if you would like to talk about some serious topics, I might need to do some research first before saying things. It might be cliche to say hi, asking how's your day going on, what are you doing, have you had eaten your meal, etc. but i love this conversation hehe, this is how I make friends with people: sharing stories about our days, what do we like and don't like and so on. The other topics will appear naturally after we talk. If you think I'm not serious at learning languages, hmm maybe you are right maybe you are wrong, but I am :) this is just how I learn languages :) after all, learning languages is not only about grammar and vocabularies, it's about diving into it, make friends, talk about the lifestyle there, the culture, the history, and many more.

So, wanna be friends? :D just send me a message ^_^