I can't handle it anymore

This pandemic situation is getting on my nerves. I had many plans for this year. I wanted to get a job and travel for work and pleasure. All the projects I was thinking to join now are canceled or postponed until next year or even notice. I work for the healthcare industry and they are not focused on new systems projects now, because obviously they are on the front line of this chaotic situation. 

Maybe it was my problem, sorry world. Many times in the past when someone sneezed I always said "bless you" and (for real) I always thought about what a sneeze meant for humanity in other centuries, I thought about it for this expression "bless you" because in other centuries it was almost a death sentence because there were not drugs against any virus... and then I thought this with a sense of relief because obviously I thought we were prepared "nowadays" for a situation of a new outbreak, my mistake. We weren't. And not only governments were not able to react rapidly and efficiently, but ignorant people exposed themselves to the virus with no respect for others, thinking it was a world elite's conspirancy. F*mor**s.

And things do not seem to progress. Even it is worse. In my city today started a curfew from 11 pm to 5 am with risk of being arrested if you are in the streets for no reason. All because people did not understand. Last weekend a couple had their wedding with 200 people with no social distancing or precautions. Then some of them are sick now. Also, people are warning if intentionally infected other people they will be punished with jail. 

All these measures would not have been needed if people in the first place had been locked down at home. And if essential workers and people who needed to work outside had been worn a mask and follow the precaution measures: washing your hands or using an alcohol-based rub frequently and not touching your face as who recommends. Maybe is not that simple, but what if it was.