Mixxer update, Thank You's and Badges


Thank You

I've made a two additions to the site.  The first is a way to say "thank you" to other users.  If someone corrects your writing or is very helpful during an exchange.  Consider click the thumbs up icon at the top of their profile.


It will send them an email expressing your thanks, and other users of the site will be able to see that they've helped someone else.  FYI, if there are users who are offensive or are not here to learn a language, there already is a link at the bottom of every person's profile to flag for abuse, spam or inappropriate behavior.  This sends me a message, and I will then ban them from the site.



I've also set up some badges. They're visible via the Profile Search on each person's Profile Page. These are meant primarily to make it clear how the website should be used if people are serious about practicing a language.  Message other learners, add them as friends, write, and help others by correcting their writing.  This will also hopefully help more serious users find each other, and it's a way to say thank you again to those who are helping others.  Anyone who spends time correcting someone else's writing is good language partner, and it should be recognized.

The Messenger Badges The Friend Badges The Writer Badges  The Corrector Badges 

Messenger Badge

Has sent at least ten Messages

Friend Badge

Has at least one Friend.

Writer badge

Has posted at least one Writing or Blog post. 

Corrector Badge

Has corrected or commented at least once.

Messenger Plus Badge

Has sent more than 50 Messages

Friend Plus Badge

Has more than five Friends.

Writer plus badge

Has posted at least six Writings or Blog posts.

Corrector Plus Badge

Has corrected or commented more than ten times.

Messenger Plus Plus Badge

Has sent more than 100 Messages

Friend Plus Plus Badge

  Has more than ten Friends.  

Writer Plus Plus Badge

  Has posted more than ten Writings or Blog posts.  

Corrector Plus Plus Badge

Has corrected or commented more than 25 times.


Good luck with your exchanges.

Todd Bryant

Mixxer Admin

Dickinson College



I like these badges  and I hope you add more badges in the future they look good on my profile jeje