Mock of essay. Could anyone give me a hand with this writing. I have an English exam and need some help

The local goverment has received a grant from Europe to invest in the improvement of the city. Recent polls, contrary to general believe shows that the local people are fond of practice sports rather than other activities such as walking outdoor, cultural activities.

Never have I thought that, mainly elder people, are interested in keep in shape and practice some sports rather than cultural activities. At least, this was said in the last meeting . The people acknowlege that if the Town Hall had invested in a sport center a few years ago. We would not have had the rate of obesity that we have nowadays. The culture of wellness, today is trending. “So this village needs to tune into the new stile of life and new ages”. The Major of the city said.

All and All everything suggest that the next should be a outstanding gym with the latest generation available for all ages. Undoubtedly, It would give more profits than if the money was invested in other options such as, museums, teatres and so on. Not only because for the incomes gained by membership, only available for the local people, but also for the entry ticket need to be paid by outsiders.

However, the same study showed a dropping of cultural activities such as visiting museums, cinemas, teatre, wich are not but positive for the people as well.

But unfortunately, taking into account the local preferences, the best option is to invest the all the money in sport services.

Needless to say, that the virtue lies the middle ground.