My points system

Today I woke up with an idea. I am tired of feeling that I am wasting my time all day. Although I know I need to do things. Some days just end just like that, nothing.

I want to make my days accountable. I tried to write down a diary, but I think I  have found a way to gain more motivation. A system points. 

Let me explain this. First, you will make a list with activities, can be as simple as everyday easy tasks to essentials shores. Some tasks very simple, like brushing your teeth or clean up after eating. Other tasks can be write in your blog or read a chapter of a new book. Watch a video about work. Make a video, learn how to edit. Other tasks will have negative points like scrolling on Instagram, twitter, daydreaming, watching the news. 

The goal is to have some positive points at the end of the day.

You have to finish the task to get all the points. For example, maybe a big task has many points, you have to finish it in order to get all of them. I think this is going to encourage me to focus on the task until I finished it completely and then move onto the next. If I finish a big one, it is ok not to do anything more, because you have reached your daily quote, your day has been accountable, I think it is fair. 

I just got 10 points writing this.