PeppaPig ”Peppa and George's Garden”

”Peppa and George's Garden”

Daddypig is sitting in his favorite sunny spot.

Daddy pig: What a perfect day for doing nothing!

Daddy pig loves doing nothing.

Dad: How could be better? I know, a cup of tea!

Granpa pig has come to see Peppa and George.

Peppa: Granpa pig! 

Granpa pig: Hello Peppa and George. You are gain to have your very  own flower garden.

P: Woo! A Garden which George and me!

GP: I got a packet of flower seeds for each of you. Now we need a nice sunny spot to plants your seeds. Here we are.

Granpa is digging  Peppa and George's garden.

GP: Ah, tea for the worker's. Thank you Daddy pig.

Dad: Ah... What's going on?

P: We are making a  folwer  garden.

Dad: Doing need a flower garden?

All: Yes!

Dad: But, That were I'm sitting my cheir. 

GP: There are more important thing than chairs Daddy pig.

Dad:But I always read my newspepar here.

P: There are more important thing than newspapers Daddy pig.

GP: Yes like flowers.

Peppa has a lot of flower seeds. George has only one flower seeds. But it is quit a big seed.

GP: Could you felt some water, Daddy pig?

Dad: Hmm Okey.

GP: Seeds needs  water to grow. They get very thrsty.

Some little birds has come to watch.

GP: Don't let a bird eat the seeds Peppa.

P: Shoot Shoot Fly away birdys!

Dad: Here is a water.

P: Daddy scared the birds away!

GP: Hoho! Daddy Pig looks like a scarecrow!