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Quiero hablar con hablantes nativos de espanol

Submitted by Pura.Mike on Mon, 01/09/2017 - 14:23

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 Hola, Soy Mike! Quisiera hablar contigo. Me gustaria aprender el idioma de espanol. Tengo un horario bastante libre y tu puedes llamarme a cualquier hora. Si no responderia, Te Llamare pronto!


Hi, Im Mike. I would like to speak with you. I would like to learn the spanish language. I have a pretty free schedule and you can call me anytime. If i dont answer, I will call you soon!


Hello Mike!

Unfortunately I don´t speak any spanish :(, but fluently estonian. I was looking somebody to speak english with.


Best wishes,


gracias mi amigo, voy a anadirte con skype puedes llamarte cuando tu quieres


siempre un placer 

Here a native Spanish Speaker from Argentina. We can talk whenever you like. Add me in skype or send me a message!!