Is tommorrow the end of the world?

I read an article yesterday, it said tomorrow the world would end. Tomorrow? I thought the world was ending already.

I don't think the world would end on a specific day/hour. But, like many other days in the past, let's see what happens. 

I remember the first time I heard about the end of the world, I was a little girl in the eighties. Some kind of big war was the threat. Later, it was a sort of computer alienation vs humans. Then, climate change. Now, a very minuscule no living thing, that I am tired of think about. How many plans did we have for this year? I don't know, maybe I would not have done anything anyway. Like for example speak English at least for god sake. 20 years of learning is too much time. Reading, reading, listening, listening, forgetting, forgetting, and back to the start again.

Of course, I understand many things, I am able to go to the store, I can ask for something I need, I understand basic directions. My problem is when someone speaks so fast that I don't get anything. Some people say they have learned watching tv, but for me, they speak so fast. Then I don't like to watch tv, many commercials. I'll try to watch Netflix, as The mixxer recommends, let's do that, but it has to be a comedy because I hate drama.

For drama, real life for sure.