Violence in Media and Its Impact on the Society

Media violence is one of the biggest problems in our society nowadays. Violence comes from any age starting from children and ending with adults. In fact, it has been increasing due to people’s misunderstanding about how important human life is, and subsequently, they do not take it seriously. The violence in media takes place when people lose their common sense and do not take any responsibility for their actions. There are some cases when media violence can cause society violence. Undoubtedly, such incidents are caused by games, movies, and, as a consequence, the influence people have on each other in many essay

This issue has also affected women. According to researches, every six hours one woman in South Africa and two women in Guatemala are exposed to violence and murdered. In San Paulo, Brazil, females are assaulted every 15 seconds. In the U.S.A. women are raped within a range of 5-6 minutes. 50% of European women go either through sexual harassment or through physical contact at their working places. In North Africa, around 6000 women are genitally mutilated. More than 15000 women in China are transported to sexual slavery each year.

Such grim statistics witnesses the cruel fact that women-related violence is a root of global discrimination. It can be said that this is the issue of human rights. The legalization of women’s bodies for individual and political satisfaction is a horrible and disgusting thing. Just imagine that every year the society devastates and destructs millions of women all over the world, and this happens in spite of the fact of our existing so-called “civilization”. Thus, today’s social media can positively affect the existing situation with women in no way; it can only contribute to what occurs every day. Such kind of violence is not justified by any religious, cultural or political claim. Naturally, it is allowed to happen thanks to the growing global culture of impunity. Each time when women are abused, terrorized in custody, raped by soldiers as some “spoils of war”, battered at home, what is exposed is surely unequal powers between sexes. Such a state of things reduces women’s choices and worsens their situation. Governments worldwide have legal, economic and social duties to protect their females and chastise any sort of abuse or harm done regarding them. They have this responsibility in order to protect women’s rights.

Violence concerning females can express itself in a number of different ways. The presence of pornographic images and videos depicts women as just cheap objects for personal satisfaction. This phenomenon is rather widespread. Moreover, it is a commercialized form of business, whose existence is only because of media support. It should be considered that namely electronic media hosts most of these nasty and demeaning pictures. The fact that media places women as an object case the expected regress of women’s rights.

Domestic violence is a global pandemic. Woman’s greatest danger often comes from someone she loves and knows very well. Resentment at homes is nothing but contravention of women’s physical rights. When basic simple steps are not taken to curb this abuse, such crimes are allowed to dominate.
Social media has to carefully watch the majority of international organizations that are trying to stop spreading violence against women. Such campaigns as “UNITE” have to be given all the needs and coverage to raise the awareness of the really noble goals. Social media should look after all progressive nations of the world, in order to eliminate the aggression against women. Intergovernmental cooperation also has to do its best to stop transporting women for sexual slavery. Solely through such cooperative efforts, we will be able to win this war.