For many people, language is the term we use to communicate with one another.When they try to learn a new language, they translate the words and hope they will get understood. Personally, language, for me, is way behind that. Language is not just words, it is also the way we use those words, the expression, the intonation, a way of thinking. 

When we talk to a child, we use specific words so he can understand what we say. If we talk with friends, we also use words that both of us understand and if we speak with colleagues, we also use different words. Speaking another language is not different. Of course, at the beginning, you won't have so many words in common with the person, but with time you learn how they say things, the way they express themselves when they are happy, angry or sad. 

Learning a language is not just learning words, you have to learn their culture, the way they think, the way they express themselves, the way they see things. 

Like all languages, written language and spoken language are not the same. When we write something, the person is not in front of you, so they can see you and read your body language. You must be more specific, detailing your idea so that it is not misunderstood. And most important, you do not have the other person's reaction immediately, so you do know when something is not clear or confusing. 

I'm not very good at English, but I'd appreciate it if you could assist me; I'm sure it could be the start of a wonderful friendship.