Writing practicing


Okaaaaay Mr Evil 🙄🙄 i'm talking about my past dream and don't know if i can bring it back or not but we'll see.
5 years ago or more I've watched the first part of a movie is called "set up" it was about dance, they were throughout the movie dancing and making shows, but it's not that cute and tender dance such as tango or something like that it's energetic one such as hip hop 🙈
They succeed to get me into the movie, since that time i thought more and more about learning it.
This kind of dance makes the one happy, free of thinking, flexible, it releases all the negative energy, and that is what i loved about it 🙈
but i don't know what happened i remember that i tried to get some youtube videos and start doing like them but i just stopped.

I wouldn't talk about that thing today in this paragraph but i watched the movie 3 hours ago by coincidence on TV and something moved inside me telling me to bring this dream back to life 🙄🙄