Français interactif

Welcome to the French lessons.  These lessons integrate language exchange activities with traditional grammar and vocabulary lessons from the free and open textbook Français interactif.  The lessons start with Chapter 4, but if you're just beginning French, you may want to work through the earlier chapters on your own.

In addition to the lessons, I would suggest using of other online resources as well.  Quizlet is a very good and free site for creating and practicing with flash cards for vocabulary.  Try reading blogs or websites online as well.  Reading a newspaper such as Le Monde is helpful because it uses common vocabulary, and if you follow the news elsewhere, you'll also have the context necessary to aide comprehension.  I would also recommend the Chrome plugin ReadLang for reading online.  It allows you to look up words with one click and then saves these words into a personal vocabulary list so that you can test yourself later.

For listening, there are plenty of French television stations that stream for free online.  You can find a good summary here.  When watching TV, use a dictionary and write down unfamiliar words.  You can then add them to your vocabulary list in or Quizlet.  If you have questions about word use or grammar, make a  note so that you can ask your language partner.

Note as well that at the end of each lesson there is a link allowing you to request a "confirmation" from your partner. This is entirely optional. If you do so, you will see a list of each lesson completed on your profile page. If you are using the Mixxer as part of a traditional class, your instructor can then track your progress.

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