This is an open and free course for any native Spanish speaker looking to improve their English.  These open, free, and non-credit courses are often referred to as MOOCs.  Most MOOCs are based on videos of lectures, multiple choice quizzes, and a discussion board.  However, since this course is for language learning and it's the Mixxer, the course is focused instead on language exchanges via Skype.

What are the lessons?

The course includes 40 English lessons which you can access via the "Lessons" link in the top menu.  The lessons contain content taken from the British Council's LearnEnglish and Voice of America's Learning English site.  Each lesson includes a reading and listening portion.  You are then asked to use the grammar and content that you've learned to prepare questions for your language partner.  After the exchange you are asked to practice your writing by posting to the blog.

Language partner?

There is also a Spanish course for English speakers that will take place at the same time.  They will have similar activities with different topics taken from site for learning Spanish.  You can find a language partner as always using the Mixxer, but to make things easier you will be able to see a list of learners from the other course whom you can contact.  I will also have "gatherings" throughout the month of July, where you can sign up for one of the days and times given and be partnered at random with one of the English speakers learning Spanish.

Update - You can now see a list of the Spanish speakers in the other course to find a partner,

The End

The course doesn't have an end date.  The lessons will remain available and once you understand how to integrate the readings and audio from the British Council and Voice of America, there is virtually an endless amount of content.

Some MOOCs offer certificates for the completion of the course.  Since there is no end to the course, there will not be a certificate.  However, if you like at the end of each lesson there is a link with which you can request that your partner "confirms" an exchange.  These confirmations will then appear on your profile page.

I would also recommend that you try taking an English placement test before the course and at some later date to measure your progress.  I recommend the EPT practice placement tests from California State University System.  Note that there is a reading skills test as well as a composing skills test.  The also have an FAQ if you have questions about the practice exam.

Sometime in the fall, you will also receive a very short survey about the course.  It isn't required, but I would greatly appreciate it if you took the 10 minutes or it takes to complete.


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